Truck tuning solutions from Effective Tuning – you do not have to wonder “is there custom truck tuning near me” anymore! Check what chip tuning solutions do we offer and choose those that best meet your requirements! We can remap every truck model from distance (online) no matter where you are located.


Truck performance tuning

Effective Tuning offers one of the best truck performance tuning solutions worldwide. The performance tuning is also known as Stage 1. It is a way to completely transform your truck into a beast at an affordable price and save a lot of money in the future. That is what makes it the most popular truck chip tuning service.

What can you get from truck performance tuning? Improved overall performance of your truck, amazing driving experience, better throttle response, smoother acceleration, and unbelievable power! How does it sound to you? Not bad, right?

And all is made in a 100% safe way as we rewrite the ECU (electronic control unit) of your truck via the best tuning software, without a risk of engine damage. We can offer Stage 1 tuning for all truck models and brands and we provide the best performance chips for trucks.


Truck eco tuning

Truck eco tuning is also called truck economy remap. It is one of the most preferred truck tuning solutions. The reason is that fuel consumption is a serious problem of all truck models and brands, so they usually need truck ECU remapping and truck eco tuning to achieve fuel economy and efficiency.

Thanks to our truck economy remap you will enjoy extra fuel-saving, improved by up to 20% as reprogramming the ECU. Additional benefits of the economy remap are better overall performance and increased torque.

We will rewrite the stock settings for power. That way, at the right speeds, your truck will run more efficiently.


Truck DPF delete

Truck DPF delete is also a popular tuning service among truck owners and operators. The reason is that the diesel particulate filter is a very problematic part of almost every modern truck. There is a huge risk of causing serious issues and engine damages, which come with costly repairs and expensive maintenance.

The DPF system is problematic because of its regeneration process. To be completed successfully, the vehicle has to achieve high temperatures and keep them for a long time. In other words, your truck has to stay at high speed around 45 minutes until the regeneration is finished, but that is not always possible. All this can lead to clogged diesel particulate filter and a damaged engine.

Effective Tuning’s specialists offer truck DPF delete via ECU remapping. Our DPF solution will help you achieve better fuel economy, lower risk of damage, and eliminated fault codes.


Truck EGR delete

The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system is as risky as the DPF system. Although it is made to reduce emissions, it usually causes carbon deposits and serious problems, especially when it comes to modern diesel trucks.

We, at Effective Tuning, can solve these problems with our professional truck EGR delete via ECU remapping for complete deactivation of the EGR system.


Truck AdBlue removal (SCR off / DEF delete)

The Selective Catalytic Reduction component (knowns as SCR, AdBlue or DEF) is another problematic part of many truck models. It injects a liquid-reductant agent into the exhaust stream of the truck’s diesel engine. The main problem here is that because of the SCR your truck will often need costly repairs and maintenance. Some of the usual issues are faulty NOx sensors, problems with the AdBlue pump, AdBlue catalyst full of unburned AdBlue, etc.

If you choose our truck Adblue removal solution, we will remap the ECU of your vehicle, so it can operate without SCR / AdBlue / DEF. After our software modifications, there will be no need of AdBlue refueling.


We provide truck tuning solutions for well-known truck manufacturers:

Mack Truck Tuning and Professional ECU remap

Volvo Truck Tuning – Classic FH16 / FH / FM / FMX / FE / FL

Isuzu Truck Tuning: NPR / NQR / NRR Chip Tuning and ECU remapping

Isuzu F-series truck tuning and ECU remapping

SCANIA Truck Tuning (ECU Remap)

Renault Truck Tuning

Truck Cummins Engine Tuning and ECM remapping

Volvo Truck V-Series Tuning – VM / VNL / VHD / VAH / VNR / VNX

Volvo FH16 Tuning – The Only Solution Worldwide

Volvo FH Tuning – EMS 2.2, EMS 2.3 and EMS 2.4 Remap

Volvo FM Tuning – EMS 2.2, EMS 2.3 and EMS 2.4

Volvo FMX Tuning (EMS 2.2, EMS 2.3 and EMS 2.4)

Caterpillar Off-Highway Trucks Tuning and ECU remapping

UD trucks Kuzer tuning and ECU remap

UD trucks Kazet tuning and ECU remapping

UD trucks Croner tuning – TOP 6 solutions

UD trucks New Quon tuning and Condor tuning

UD trucks New Quester tuning and ECU remap

UD trucks Quester tuning and ECU remapping

Hino ECU Tuning: Hino Trucks and Buses

Tuning Files for Mercedes-Benz Trucks

IVECO Tuning: Truck and Bus ECU Remap

MAN / Volvo / DAF tuning for trucks


Why choose Effective Tuning?

Effective Tuning is a reliable chip tuning company – a specialist in optimizing and ECU remapping truck engines for improved fuel economy, great performance, and more engine power. We have more than 10 years of experience in truck tuning. We work according to the highest standards, so we can provide the best effectiveness of our truck tuning files!

In addition, we offer a wide range of add-on options to choose from. Not only that but, our prices are the best in the worldwide market! Learn more about our prices.

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