In this article, we will talk about UD trucks Quester tuning and ECU remapping. We will tell you more about those UD trucks and why they need our UD trucks Quester tuning.

In addition, we will show you the best ECU remapping solutions and chip tuning files for your UD truck. Also, no one in the whole world offers solution for TRW EMS2 ECU, except Effective Tuning.

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Quester truck series are the first generation heavy-duty trucks of UD trucks and they are made with the global resources of the Volvo Group. Quester trucks are dependable and reliable no matter what your business is – distribution, long haulage, construction, mining, etc.

Quester series are so preferred because of the many advantages those trucks have. That includes fuel-saving economy, fuel efficiency, higher productivity, aerodynamic design, heavy-duty durability and reliability, high load carrying capacity, time-saving and convenient maintenance, powerful engine and innovative technology.

  • UD trucks Quester series truck models:

UD trucks Quester series offer the widest range of trucks that allows customization for any transport requirement. Quester series include CKE, CDE, CWE, CGE, CQE, GKE, GDE, GWE model trucks.

  • UD trucks Quester series truck engines:

The 8-liter GH8E engine is based on UD Trucks’ GH7 engine, which is popular with its performance and fuel consumption. The GH8E engine offers increased performance and is perfect for distribution and construction work.

The 11-liter GH11E engine is created to provide the best possible performance in actual operation. It is based on innovative Volvo Group technology in combination with UD Trucks’ manufacturing quality.

UD trucks Quester tuning and ECU remapping from Effective Tuning

UD trucks Quester tuning and ECU remapping – a wide range of trucks



Although UD Quester trucks have so many benefits and good characteristics, they usually need UD trucks Quester tuning and ECU remapping to unleash their full potential.

The reason is the fact that UD trucks are developed for a global market in the factory. It means that manufacturers try to meet most of the various requirements in different areas.

This limits the engine, so it would be compatible with climate, regulations, fuel quality, etc. In other words, you can’t enjoy the full potential of your UD Quester truck without our UD trucks Quester tuning.

Another reason is that Quester series are heavy-duty trucks and they work on very high load and pressure. Their components get damaged more often and the repairs are extremely expensive. That’s why many drivers choose our UD trucks Quester tuning solution.

Effective Tuning delivers one of the best chip tuning and ECU remapping services and we use only the best custom-made tuning files. Our service is possible via online ECU reprogramming (electronic control unit).

So, if you are looking for engine work improvement, better fuel economy and more power, our UD trucks Quester tunings is the perfect solution for your truck! Check the add-on modules that we offer:



UD trucks Quester tuning – EGR off, DPF off and DEF off

Like almost any other truck, UD trucks Quester series also have many issues related to the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system, DPF (diesel particulate filter) system and DEF (Diesel Engine Fluid) system.

The EGR system aims to reduce emissions but it recirculates them back in the engine and causes carbon deposits and damage of the cylinders.

The DPF and the DEF systems usually can’t reach the needed temperature to complete its regeneration process, so they cause clogged diesel particulate filters and many other issues.

The solution is clear – our UD trucks Quester EGR removal, DPF delete and DEF off.


UD trucks Quester EGT off

The EGT (exhaust gas temperature) aims to protect important truck components from high temperatures, but that heat causes serious issues and faulty information. As a result, the engine can be seriously damaged. That is why Effective Tuning recommends EGT off (EGT delete / removal).


UD trucks Quester SCR delete

The Selective Catalytic Reduction component (SCR) also reduces emissions. It works by injecting a liquid-reductant agent into the exhaust stream of the diesel engine. Its main problem is the often need of costly repairs and expensive maintenance. The solution is our Adblue / SCR removal (SCR delete / off).


UD trucks Quester tuning – DTC code removal

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) diagnoses issues related to your truck. If you want to upgrade and reprogram your truck, you need DTC code removal to eliminate fault codes and lights on the dashboard. Effective Tuning offer one of the best DTC delete services (DTC off / removal).

UD Trucks Quester tuning 2

UD trucks Quester tuning solutions – EGR / DPF / DEF / SCR / DTC / EGT

UD TRUCKS QUESTER TUNING – models that Effective Tuning remaps:

7.0L D7E 183kW/245HP EMS2
Quester CKE280 (E34)
Quester CDE330 (E21)
Quester CWE330 (E22)
Quester CWE330 (E23)
Quester CWE330 (E24)
Quester CWE370 (E25)
Quester CWE370 (E26)
Quester CWE420 (E27)
Quester CWE330 (E33)
Quester CWE440 (E52)
Quester CWE370 (E45)
Quester CWE370 (E51)
Quester CWE370 (E51)
Quester CWE330 (E48)
Quester CWE370 (E46)
Quester CWE330 (E41)
Quester CWE330 (E44)
Quester CGE440 (E57)
Quester CGE370 (E56)
Quester CGE420 (E28)
Quester CGE420 (E29)
Quester CGE370 (E32)
Quester CGE370 (E47)
Quester GKE370 (E20)
Quester GKE370 (E50)
Quester GWE420 (E30)
Quester GWE420 (E31)
Quester GWE390 (E53)
Quester GWE440 (E54)
Quester GWE440 (E55)



Here are some of the Quester engine types that Effective Tuning tunes – GH11E 370, GH11E 390, GH11E 420, GH8E 220, GH8E 250, GH8E 280, GH8E 330. And the ECU types that we remap are Delphi DCIM and TRW EMS2.



Effective Tuning offers the best UD trucks Quester tuning and ECU remapping service, solutions and files for your UD Quester truck! Feel free to contact us to learn more about our UD trucks Quester tuning solutions – EGR removal, DPF off, DEF delete, SCR delete, EGT off, DTC delete. And to explore the hidden side of your UD truck engine! Check our services here.

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