If the fuel consumption of your vehicle is beyond your control and you desperately want to achieve better fuel efficiency… Or you just want to reduce the harmful driving impact on the environment… All you need is to learn how to save fuel!

No doubt, the speed is one of the essential factors influencing fuel consumption. But there are many other things you should learn to start driving economically.

Today we are going to talk about the 7 best ways to improve your car’s fuel efficiency. To help you save money and fuel, we will reveal to you the secrets of economical driving (also called “eco-driving”):


1. Maintain your vehicle regularly

If you service your car regularly, that guarantees you will improve its overall performance. That, in turn, can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. Here are some important things to be careful with:

  • Check your tyre pressure

We recommend to check your tyre pressure at least once a month. It is essential that your tyres are correctly inflated, because underinflated or overinflated tyres both burn more fuel.

  • Watch out for corroded battery cables

Pay attention to the battery cables and have them cleaned with each engine check-up. If they corrode, that would make the alternator work harder, using more fuel.


2. No idling for more than a minute

If you let your vehicle idle, it will consume more fuel and will pump more CO2 into the atmosphere. This isn’t cost-effective to you and, at the same time, pollutes the environment. A modern engine will be more economical if you turn it off and re-start it rather than letting it idling for long time.


3. Drive in the highest gear possible

As we mentioned, the speed is one of the biggest enemies of fuel-efficient driving. When the engine spins faster, it uses more fuel. That’s why you should learn to drive in the highest possible gear for your car while keeping within the speed limit.

Our advice: If you drive in the city, try to change up quickly through the gears around 2000 rpm.


4. Drive smoothly & don’t lose momentum

It is always better to think ahead! If you avoid heavy breaking, you will reduce fuel consumption.

What we can advice you is to drive smoothly and to carefully use the steering, accelerator and brakes. When you need to slow down, remember to remain in gear. This way no fuel will be used while breaking.

Another thing you can do is to watch what is happening around you. This way you can smoothly slow down when the traffic light turns red.


5. Avoid rough roads

Try to avoid rough roads when it is possible. Dirt and gravel make your vehicle use more fuel. This is because every time the wheels bounce up and down, the car loses a part of its energy. In turn, that requires the usage of more fuel.


6. Less load = Better Fuel Efficiency

Our advice is to lighten your load for lower fuel consumption and less emissions. Take only the most important and needed things for your journey. Also, you can remove roof racks if you won’t use them as they slow down the car.


7. Trip planning

Planning your car trips and combining them into one is another way to save money and fuel. The secret is that when the engine is cold, it uses twice as much fuel as for the same distance when the engine is warm.


In conclusion:

With our 7 best tips for improving fuel efficiency, you definitely will save money and fuel. Now you know the secrets of eco-driving!

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