In this article, we will talk about Isuzu F-series truck tuning. What Isuzu F-series models we can remap? What are the best Isuzu F-series truck tuning solutions? Learn more in our article:


Isuzu F-series are also known as the Isuzu Forward series. They lead in the heavy- and medium-duty commercial vehicle segment, especially in Australia, because of their innovative design, reliability, safety, performance, economy and environmental care. All that comes with the ability of Isuzu F-series trucks to meet the needs, demands and requirements of the operators.

Isuzu F-series truck models:

Isuzu F-series include FRR, FSR, FTR, FVR, FVM, FVZ, FSS, FTS, GVR, FRD, FSD, FVD, FVL, FVY, GSR, GVD, FXR, FXD, FXZ, FXY, FXL, GXD models trucks. The Isuzu Forward wide range of modern and reliable trucks provides operators with many application options and rear bodies as dumper, refrigerated van, road sweeper, tanker, crane / cargo, cesspit emptier, wrecker, vehicle transporter, refuse truck, earth auger, aerial platform, power tailgate, etc.

Isuzu F-series truck engines:

Some of the Isuzu F-series trucks are equipped with the four-cylinder 4HK1-TCC / 4HK1-TCS. These diesel models are perfect for urban delivery because the engine is the cleanest one of Isuzu’s engines and it offers high torque.

Isuzu F-series truck models, made for long-distance deliveries, need serious power. So, they work with the six-cylinder 6HK1-TCN / 6HK1-TCS which provides an optimal output and torque and the 6HH1-S powerplant that features a mechanical pump to supply fuel from the fuel tank.

Isuzu F-series transmissions:

Most Isuzu F-series trucks have Allison 6-speed automatic transmission. It eliminates shifting and fatigue. There is also an option for automated manual transmission (AMT) for smooth car-like responsiveness. It is available in Isuzu FRR 600/FSR 800/FSR 800 Crew Cab and FTR 850 models. (Learn more about our gearbox remapping.)

Another option is the torque converter automated manual transmission (TC-AMT). In addition, some F-series models have Isuzu electronic stability control (IESC).

One of the important advantages of Isuzu F-series trucks is their low cab forward configuration, improved maneuverability, eco-friendliness and versatility.

isuzu f-series truck tuning

Isuzu F-series truck models


As you can see, Isuzu F-series trucks are one of the most favorite trucks for many drivers because of their advantages. But they usually need Isuzu F-series truck tuning and ECU remapping to work on their best.

The main reason is that Isuzu F-series are heavy- and medium-duty trucks, so they run on high pressure and load. As a result, there is a bigger risk of vehicle components damage or parts breaking. Isuzu F-series truck repairs are extremely expensive and take time. So, many operators and drivers choose our Isuzu F-series truck tuning solution.

The team of Effective Tuning can completely transform your favorite Isuzu truck and unleash its full potential! Via online ECU (electronic control unit) remapping, we will improve the way your Isuzu engine works, without the need of physical removal of components.  Our combined solution of ECU remapping and add-on modules will improve torque levels, reduce fuel consumption and improve overall performance.



Isuzu F-series truck tuning – EGR Delete

One of the most problematic Isuzu F-series truck components is the EGR system. The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system aims to reduce emissions. But it does this by recirculating them back in the engine. That often leads to carbon deposits that damage cylinders. The solution is Isuzu F-series trucks EGR removal (EGR delete / EGR off).

Isuzu truck EGT off

The EGT (exhaust gas temperature) is created to protect important truck components from the higher temperature. It also helps for achieving the correct temperature for regeneration. But the fact that it works at very high temperatures causes serious issues and faulty information. As a result, the engine can be damaged. That is why we recommend EGT off (EGT delete).

Isuzu F-series DPF removal

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is problematic because of its “regeneration”. Usually, it can’t reach the temperatures that it needs to complete the process. That leads to clogged diesel particulate filter and seriously damaged engine. Our DPF Delete (DPF Removal / DPF off) will improve fuel efficiency and will lower the risk of fire at the time of regeneration.

Isuzu DEF off

The DEF system (Diesel Engine Fluid) uses DEF instead of diesel fuel. It also reduces the soot from your Isuzu engine and causes similar problems as the DPF system. Here, the solution is DEF removal (DEF off / DEF delete).

Isuzu F-series truck SCR delete

The Selective Catalytic Reduction component (SCR) reduces active emissions. It injects a liquid-reductant agent into the exhaust stream of the diesel engine. The main issue is the often need of costly repairs and maintenance. That is why we recommend Adblue / SCR removal (SCR delete).

All these problems mean expensive repairs and high maintenance costs. That is the reason why many Isuzu truck owner-operators choose our online Isuzu truck tuning solutions.

isuzu f-series truck tuning 2

Isuzu F-series truck tuning solutions


100% custom-made tuning files
Wide variety of add-on modules
Individual solution for your truck because each engine is specific
More power
Better fuel economy and lower fuel consumption
Improved driving experience
Smoother gear changes
Increased RPM range and torque
Smoother acceleration
Less engine noise
Reduced emissions
100% safe service
24/7 support


ISUZU TRUCK TUNING – F-series models that Effective Tuning remaps:

Isuzu FRR 550
Isuzu FSR 800
Isuzu FSR 800 SWB
Isuzu FSR 800 AMT
Isuzu FSR 750 CREW AMT
Isuzu FTR 850
Isuzu FTR 850 AMT
Isuzu FTR 850 TIPPER
Isuzu FTR 850 LWB
Isuzu FVR 900
Isuzu FVM 1200
Isuzu FVZ 1400
Isuzu FVZ 1400 TIPPER
Isuzu FVZ 1400 AUTO
Isuzu FTS 750 4X4 SWA
Isuzu FTS 750 4X4
Isuzu FVZ 1400 SWB
Isuzu FTR 850 SWB



Here are some of the Isuzu ECU types that Effective Tuning tunes – 4HF1 (CNG), 4HG1 (LPG), 4HK1/4JJ1 (C/Rail_Euro2), 4HK1/4JJ1 (C/Rail_Euro3), 4HK1-TC (C/Rail_NLT), 4HK1-TC (C/Rail), 4JG2, 4JH1-TC Bosch, 6HK1E5N, 6HK1-TCN / 6HK1-TCS, 6HH1-S, etc.



The team of Effective Tuning will offer the best customer service and remapping solutions for your Isuzu F-series truck! Our Isuzu F-series truck tuning solutions are 100% reliable, safe and effective, so you will enjoy the results!

Contact us to learn more about our Isuzu F-series truck tuning solutions – EGR removal, DPF off, DEF delete, SCR delete, EGT off. Look at our services here. You can also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest news!