In this article, we will talk about UD trucks Croner tuning and ECU remapping.

We will tell you more about Effective Tuning’s UD trucks Croner tuning online service, solutions and add-on modules. We will also show you the Croner engines and ECU’s that we remap. We can proudly mention that no other tuning company in the whole world offers chip tuning solution for TRW EMS2 ecu, but Effective Tuning.



UD Trucks Croner series combine the most important benefits of medium-duty trucks – productivity, driving experience, fuel efficiency, safety, productive uptime and uptime support.

The fuel efficiency is improved thanks to the high torque GHE engine series and the UD’s fuel consumption solutions. The driving experience is better because of the Croner’s ergonomic cabin design, the easy-to-read instrument cluster and the digital multi-function display (MFD).

UD Trucks Croner series are built to be safe and secure thanks to the S-cam air brakes with automatic slack adjustment and the anti-lock brake system with electronic brakeforce distribution.

Croner trucks series offer a wide range of trucks to meet the needs of every type of business as they have many applications as cargo, tipper and compactor. And we offer UD Trucks Croner tuning for every Croner truck model!


UD trucks Croner series models:

UD trucks Croner series include Croner MKE (GVW 10.4-11Ton, 4×2, 180-240Hp), Croner LKE (GVW 12-14Ton, 4×2, 180-240Hp) and Croner PKE (GVW 15-17Ton, 4×2, 250-280Hp) model trucks. Check our UD Trucks Croner tuning solution below!

Croner MKE is a compact-sized medium-duty truck mostly made for usage within the city. It offers better maneuverability for deliveries on narrow roads. Croner LKE is good for both in-city and city-to-city distribution.

Its biggest advantage is the transport efficiency. Croner PKE is equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder engine to be optimized for the regional, long haul and heavier loads.


UD trucks Croner series engines:

Croner trucks work with the innovative 5-liter and 8-liter engines – GH5E and GH8E. They combine advanced technology, reliability and high-quality overall performance. Those engines enable better pulling power, improved driving experience, better fuel efficiency and longer engine life. There is also an Engine PTO (Power Take-Off) option.


Croner trucks transmissions

Croner truck models come with both manual and automatic transmissions, both reliable. The 6-speed and 9-speed manual transmissions will cope with every situation and all operating conditions.

The automatic transmission itself is developed to fit best for on-road logistic vehicles and garbage compactors. (Check our gearbox remapping solutions!)

UD Trucks Croner tuning truck modeld

UD Trucks Croner tuning of every Croner model truck



As you can see, UD Trucks Croner series have a lot of benefits and they definitely are one of the most preferred medium-duty trucks. But that does not eliminate their need of UD Trucks Croner tuning and ECU remapping for best results and optimal performance!

As medium-duty trucks, Croner models have to handle a large operating load every day. This usually leads to short maintenance intervals and need of often repairs. And for medium-duty trucks, those repairs are really expensive and take time…

That is one of the reasons why you need our UD Trucks Croner tuning! (Read more about truck tuning and why you need it)

Not only that but Croner truck models as any other truck are created to meet the worldwide market needs, requirements and restrictions. In other words, they are developed in their basic settings.

So, you may never see their real potential without UD Trucks Croner tuning and ECU remapping. (Check our article about why car / truck remap is not made in the factory).

We, at Effective Tuning, provide one of the best UD trucks Croner tuning services and solutions worldwide. We offer only very high-quality custom-made tuning files. And the whole ECU remapping process is fastly and easily done online, no matter where are you situated!

Thanks to our UD Trucks Croner tuning service, you can say goodbye to all problematic truck components and costly repairs! Check what add-on modules we offer for your Croner truck!

UD Trucks Croner tuning and ECU remapping

UD Trucks Croner tuning and ECU remapping



We offer various UD Trucks Croner tuning solutions and services for your truck as EGR off, DPF off, EGT delete, SCR removal, DTC code off, DEF removal, etc.

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR) recirculates the emissions back in the engine and causes carbon deposits and damage of the cylinders. The best solution is our Croner EGR off (EGR delete / EGR removal) service!

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Engine Fluid (DEF) systems are related to the regeneration process but usually, it is uncompleted which causes clogged filters. In this case, you need UD Trucks Croner tuning DPF off or DEF off solution!

The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, also known as Adblue system, is another very problematic component of UD trucks Croner models. So, we recommend SCR removal / Adblue off.

The Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) and the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) are two more problematic components, so we offer EGT off solution and DTC code removal service!


UD TRUCKS CRONER TUNING – models that the team of Effective Tuning remaps:

Croner MKE180 (H20)
Croner MKE180 (H21)
Croner PKE250 (H28)
Croner LKE210 (H25)
Croner LKE210 (H26)
Croner LKE210 (H27)
Croner PKE250 (H29)
Croner PKE250 (H30)
Croner PKE250 (H31)
Croner PKE250 (H33)
Croner PKE280 (H33)
Croner PKE280 (H34)
Croner PKE280 (H35)

UD Trucks Croner tuning

UD Trucks Croner tuning – what Croner models Effective Tuning remaps



Here are some of the Croner engine types that we, at Effective Tuning, tune – 4HK1-TCC; 4HK1-TCS; 4HK1-TCH, 6NX1-TCN, GH5E and GH8E. The ECU types that our team remaps are Delphi DCIM and TRW EMS2 as we are the only tuning company that offers solution for TRW EMS2 ecu worldwide.



Effective Tuning provides the best UD trucks Croner tuning and ECU remapping service, solutions and chip tuning files ONLINE! We are 24/7 available to help you with any question you have about our service, EGR off, DPF delete, DEF removal, SCR delete, EGT off, DTC delete, etc.

We should also mention that our prices are the best in the worldwide market and it is not a joke! Learn more about our prices.

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