In this article, we will tell you more about UD trucks Kazet tuning and ECU remapping. We will talk about those UD trucks and why they need our UD trucks Kazet tuning. In addition, we will show you the best chip tuning and ECU remapping solutions for your Kazet truck.



UD Trucks Kazet series are innovative light-duty trucks for every day driving that combine many major factors in the transportation industry as drivability, safety, comfort, fuel efficiency, productivity, 4WD and hybrid.

With our UD trucks Kazet tuning and ECU remapping, you can unleash the full potential of your Kazet truck!

The Kazet series offer top-class performance and better fuel economy thank to their powerful 4P10 engine, recovery control DPF and the urea SCR system. The safety is improved by advanced technologies as four-wheel disc brakes, ABS+EBD.

The driver’s comfort is a fact because of the spaciousness and the mobility of the cabin and the multi-functional monitor. Not only that but UD Trucks Kazet series come with a hybrid system and 4WD or in other words – excellent off-road capability and driving durability in rough or snowy areas.

UD Trucks Kazet models are best for diversified short distance transportation and distribution within the city as they also enable high load capacity.

The innovative transmission with dual-clutch AMT/MT is another benefit of Kazet models, helping for better fuel efficiency and reduced driver fatigue. (Check our gearbox remapping solutions!). Kazet trucks are best to be used as cargo and tipper.

UD trucks Kazet tuning

UD trucks Kazet tuning: Kazet models

UD trucks Kazet series truck models:

UD trucks Kazet series include Kazet SK (GVW 4.3-7.8Ton, 4×2, 130-175Hp), Kazet SF (GVW 4.3-7.8Ton, 4×4, 130-150Hp) and Kazet RK (GVW 7.8Ton, 4×2, 175Hp) model trucks. We, at Effective Tuning, offer UD trucks Kazet tuning and ECU remapping for every Kazet model.



Although Kazet trucks have many benefits and really good characteristics, they usually need UD trucks Kazet tuning and ECU remapping to unleash their full potential.

If you are wondering why… Well, the reason is that UD Trucks Kazet series are created for the global market. They have to meet the worldwide restrictions, requirements and needs of the truck market. That is why they run on their basic factory settings.

This limits the engine power and performance and you can’t enjoy the full potential of your UD Kazet truck without our UD trucks Kazet tuning. (Check our article about why car / truck remap is not made in the factory).

In addition, even light-duty trucks, Kazet models have most of the problems as the heavy- and medium-duty UD trucks. They also work on heavy load and pressure and important vehicle components get damaged really often.

There is no need to say how expensive the repairs are and how short the maintenance intervals are… (Read more about truck tuning and why you need it). That is why our tuning specialists recommend UD trucks Kazet tuning and ECU remapping online.

We, at Effective Tuning, deliver only the best chip tuning and ECU remapping services ONLINE and all our tuning files are custom-made and dyno-tested! The process of ECU remapping is possible via online reprogramming of the electronic control unit.

If you want to improve your Kazet truck engine work, increase the fuel efficiency and get more power and better overall performance… Then, you definitely need our UD trucks Kazet tuning and ECU remapping solution. Check the add-on modules that we offer:


UD trucks Kazet tuning 3

UD trucks Kazet tuning and ECU remapping


UD trucks Kazet tuning – EGR off

Like any other truck, Kazet series also have often issues related to the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. The EGR system should reduce the emissions, but the problem is that it recirculates them back in your Kazet’s engine.

This can damage the cylinders as it causes carbon deposits on them… That is why Effective Tuning recommends EGR off (EGR delete / EGR removal).


UD trucks Kazet EGT off

The Exhaust Gas Temperature system (EGT) protects some vehicle components from high temperatures but it works on high heat itself. This usually causes many problems and leads to faulty information. The solution is our UD trucks Kazet tuning EGT off (EGT delete / removal).


UD trucks Kazet tuning – DPF off and DEF off

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system and the Diesel Engine Fluid (DEF) system are related to a “regeneration” process. Usually, this process can not be completed, so the diesel filters get clogged and damaged… We strongly recommend our UD trucks Kazet tuning DPF off and DEF off solutions!


UD trucks Kazet SCR (Adblue) delete

The Selective Catalytic Reduction component (SCR), also called Adblue, aims to reduce emissions. Its biggest problem is the often need of expensive repairs and short maintenance intervals. The best solution for your Kazet truck is our Adblue / SCR removal (SCR delete / off).


UD trucks Kazet tuning – DTC code removal

The Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) diagnoses and shows issues related to your truck work. If you reprogram your truck, some fault codes may appear on the dashboard at first. That is why you need our DTC code removal (DTC off / DTC delete).

UD trucks Kazet tuning 4

UD trucks Kazet tuning solutions



Effective Tuning can remap the 4P10 engine of the UD Trucks Kazet series.

The  ECU types that our team remaps are Delphi DCIM and TRW EMS2 as we are the only tuning company that offers solution for TRW EMS2 ecu.



Effective Tuning offers the best UD trucks Kazet tuning and ECU remapping services, solutions and chip tuning files for your Kazet truck!

Feel free to contact our team to learn more about our UD trucks Kazet tuning solutions – EGR removal, DPF off, DEF delete, SCR removal, EGT off, DTC delete, etc.

We should also mention that our prices are the best in the worldwide market! Learn more about our prices.

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