In this article, we will talk about HINO ECU tuning for trucks and buses. We will show you what HINO models our team can remap for the best results and we will tell you what the best HINO ECU tuning solution for your vehicle is!


HINO ECU tuning (chip tuning / remapping)

HINO ECU tuning, also known as HINO ECU remap, remapping or chip tuning is the best tuning solution for your HINO vehicle! Your HINO engine has more hidden potential than you can ever imagine.

The ECU remapping means that our team will modify the electronic control unit (ECU) of your HINO vehicle. The process is 100% safe and cannot damage your vehicle. It is possible via special diagnostic and chip tuning tools for HINO models. Effective Tuning uses only the best tuning software. Our HINO ECU tuning service is done remotely (online ECU remapping), so there is no matter where your HINO vehicle is located. You only have to send us your original ECU file and we will send it back to you with the new tuned one.

We offer various HINO ECU tuning solutions as performance tuning (Stage 1), Eco tuning, DPF delete (DPF off), EGR delete (EGR off) and Ad Blue removal for off-road applications and many other remapping solutions.

Thanks to Effective Tuning’s HINO ECU tuning service and custom remapping files, you will explore unbelievable power, torque, fuel-saving and fuel efficiency. In addition, you will enjoy improved drivability, reliability and comfort and you will save a lot of money from costly repairs.


HINO models Effective Tuning tunes:

HINO truck 300 series

HINO 300 series are built for durability, usability and reliability. But if you want optimal overall performance and power for your vehicle, you need our HINO truck 300 series ECU tuning files. We offer HINO ECU tuning for the following models:

412 (1999 -) 85 kW/116 PS
414 (1999 -) 100 kW/136 PS
612 (1999 -) 85 kW/116 PS
614 (1999 -) 100 kW/136 PS
614Hybrid (1999 -) 100 kW/136 PS
615 (1999 -) 110 kW/150 PS
616 (1999 -) 110 kW/150 PS
616 Hybrid (1999 -) 110 kW/150 PS
714 (1999 -) 100 kW/136 PS
714Hybrid (1999 -) 100 kW/136 PS
716 (1999 -) 110 kW/150 PS
716Hybrid (1999 -) 110 kW/150 PS
814 (1999 -) 100 kW/136 PS
815 (1999 -) 110 kW/150 PS
816 (1999 -) 114 kW/155 PS
915 (1999 -) 110 kW/150 PS
915Hybrid (1999 -) 110 kW/150 PS
916 (1999 -) 114 kW/155 PS
4.0L D 104kW/140HP DENSO
4.0L D 110kW/148HP DENSO
4.0L D 115kW/154HP DENSO
4.0L D 121kW/162HP DENSO


HINO truck 500 series

HINO 500 series are developed to help business owners carry out their tasks more efficiently and faster. You can improve the power and the overall performance of your HINO truck with our HINO chip tuning solution. Here are most of the HINO models that Effective Tuning can remap:

FC 1124 174kW/233HP DENSO 896xx
FE 1426 6.4L 191kW/256HP 895xx
FG 1527 193kW/259HP DENSO 896xx
FM 1AK1B 9.0L 256kW/344HP EDC7UC31
FM 2627 190kW/255HP DENSO 896xx
GH 1728 7.6L 210kW/281HP
FG1628 (2001 -) 206 kW/280 PS
FL2628 (2001 -) 206 kW/280 PS
FM2628 (2001 -) 206 kW/280 PS
GT1322 (2001 -) 158 kW/215 PS
FD1024 7.6 DENSO CR 228HP
FD1027 7.6 DENSO CR 258HP
FL2427 7.3 DENSO CR 258HP
FM2630 8.9 BOSCH CR 301HP
FM2632 8.9 BOSCH CR 320HP
FT1022 7.6 DENSO CR 207HP
GD1227 7.6 DENSO CR 258HP
GH1727 7.6 DENSO CR 258HP
GT1227 7.6 DENSO CR 258HP


HINO truck 600 series

HINO truck 600 series are developed as an exclusive model for the United States and Canada. If your HINO model is some of those here, we can remap its ECU for best results:

145 4.7L 128kW/175HP DENSO 896xx
258 7.7L 161kW/220HP DENSO 896xx
7.6L TD 6 Cyl. 76kW/103HP DENSO 6M60


HINO truck 700 series

HINO 700 series aim to be the ideal heavy-duty truck. Thanks to our special ECU tuning files and solutions for HINO heavy trucks, you will enjoy a great improvement in the overall performance of you HINO truck. We can remap all those HINO 700 series models trucks:

E13C-TL 12.9L 291kW/390HP DENSO 895xx
E13C-TL 12.9L 291kW/390HP DENSO 896xx
E13C-TL 12.9L 313kW/420HP DENSO 895xx
E13C-TL 12.9L 313kW/420HP DENSO 896xx
E13C-VT 13L 357kW/420HP EDC17CV41
FS 2841 12.9L 302kW/405HP DENSO 896xx
SH 2045 12.9L 331kW/444HP DENSO 896xx
FS2441 (2001 -) 302 kW/411 PS
FS2445, FS2445Air (2001 -) 331 kW/450 PS
FS2845Air (2001 -) 331 kW/450 PS
FY2945, FY2945Air (2001 -) 331 kW/450 PS
FY3241 (2001 -) 302 kW/411 PS
SH2045Air (2001 -) 331 kW/450 PS
SS2845Air (2001 -) 331 kW/450 PS
TT2841 (2001 -) 302 kW/411 PS
TT2845 (2001 -) 331 kW/450 PS
700 FS2844 12.9 DENSO CR 437HP
700 FS2848 12.9 DENSO CR 480HP
700 FS440 12.9 DENSO CR 450HP


Other HINO models that we can tune:


Hino 4.0 CRD (1999 -) 105 kW/143 PS
DUTRO 5000 4.6 155HP
DUTRO 5500 4.6 155HP
DUTRO 6000 4.6 155HP
DUTRO 7500 4.6 155HP

  • HINO Ranger Pro

RANGER PRO 10 7.9 260HP
RANGER PRO 12 7.9 260HP
RANGER PRO 14 7.9 260HP
RANGER PRO 5 5.3 170HP
RANGER PRO 9 7.9 260HP

  • HINO RK8J (2000 -) 206 kW / 280 PS
  • HINO RN8J (2000 -) 206 kW/280 PS
  • HINO bus

FC9JJSA – 1018 5.1L 134kW/180HP DENSO 896xx
RN8J 196kW/263HP DENSO 896xx
RN8J 291kW/390HP DENSO 896xx

– HINO tractor 300 series 4.0L D 100kW/136HP EDC7UC31


HINO ECU models that Effective Tuning remaps:

Our team supports all HINO ECUs as Hino N04, Hino J05, Hino J08, Hino A09, Hino E13, Hino J07, Euro IV, Euro V, Euro VI, Denso & Bosch ECUs.


Why choose Effective Tuning for HINO ECU tuning?

Effective Tuning specializes in HINO ECU tuning / remapping for many years. We are one of the worldwide largest HINO ECU remapping and custom chip tuning file dealers. We can finely tune your HINO vehicle to meet your needs and preferences. In addition, our prices for HINO ECU tuning are the best in the worldwide market! Learn more about our prices.

If you are interested in upgrading your HINO truck or other types of vehicles, look at our HINO tuning here.

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