In today’s article, we will talk about chip tuning for service shops. Why chip tuning is so important for service shop owners… What are the benefits and the tuning solutions… And how to choose the best tuning partner?

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What are the benefits of chip tuning for service shops?

1. Chip tuning is a better solution in many repair cases

When a vehicle needs repair, there are many cases that the best solution is chip tuning. One of those cases is the clogged DPF component.

Let’s imagine that one of your clients has a problem with a clogged DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). You know that this is a usual problem because the diesel particulate filters become full of soot for a very short time. DPF-s have to complete their DPF regeneration regularly. But this process needs a very high temperature for a long time which is impossible to be achieved in city driving mode. As a result, the DPF regeneration cannot be completed properly and it can seriously damage the vehicle.

In addition, the DPF-s of vehicles such as trucks or agricultural equipment get clogged much faster. Then they need to be changed with new diesel particulate filters. The problem is that the DPF maintenance is extremely expensive. However, you cannot just remove the DPF physically because of the eco restrictions.

That is why you as a service owner need to offer a chip tuning solution. Chip tuning for service shops offers DPF removal by deactivation of the component through the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). After that, the DPF can be effectively eliminated from the vehicle both physically and electronically.

It is an affordable option with no Check Engine Lights appearing on the dash and no falling into limp home mode. This chip tuning solution completely removes all DPF problems forever. That is the reason why so many customers prefer it.


chip tuning for service shops 1

Chip tuning for service shops: A better solution in many repair cases


2. Chip tuning can be done remotely

One of the biggest advantages of chip tuning for service shops is that it allows remote access and control on the vehicle’s ECU file. With a special tuning device, you can connect the vehicle’s ECU file via OBDII port and send an email with the file to your tuning file supplier.

After the file is sent, the professional tuning specialists will modify and reprogram it. Then they will send the upgraded ECU file back to you. All you need to do is to upload the tuned file back to your customer’s vehicle.

The whole process is so easy that you cannot do something wrong. In addition, the reprogramming of a file takes a really short time – up to 30-60 minutes.

chip tuning for service shops 2

Chip tuning for service shops can be done remotely


3. Chip tuning helps you offer a wild variety of services

If you want to upgrade your service shop and develop your business, then you need to start offering chip tuning solutions. The partnership with a reliable tuning file supplier allows you to offer your customers services such as:


chip tuning for service shops 3

Chip tuning for service shops helps you offer a wild variety of services


4. Chip tuning makes your customers happier and revenue bigger

Working with a tuning file supplier partner will help you to offer a wild range of higher quality services for every client’s needs. You will provide them cost-effective tuning solutions for better fuel efficiency, improving overall performance and horsepower, longer service life, removing blocking problems, smoother acceleration, better throttle response

This will affect your customer’s satisfaction. You will enjoy happier clients as well as bigger revenues.


Why Effective Tuning is the best and most reliable tuning partner for your service shop?

The best chip tuning service requires plenty of years of proven experience and professionalism. Every tuning solution and tuning file has to be done perfectly.

Effective Tuning is the best and most reliable tuning partner for your service shop because engines and chip tuning are our passion! We follow all innovations and new technologies in the field of ECU remapping, so we are always on the crest of the wave!

Our team offers the highest-quality online custom chip tuning files on the worldwide market. We achieve this quality thanks to our continuous tests and upgrades of our ECU tuning files. Our tuning solutions include tuning files for cars, vans, 4×4, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, agricultural equipment, etc.

We, from Effective Tuning, support all types of ECU-s (Bosh, Delphi, Magneti Marelli, Siemens, Denso, ZF Friedrichshafen, Continental, TEMIC, Keihin, etc.). Not only that but we also use a wild range of innovative OBD and Bench tuning tools and solutions. In addition, Effective Tuning uses only the best and licensed tuning software!

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