More about Effective Tuning:

Effective Tuning is a team of tuning specialist with more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in the field of ECU remapping technologies and innovations. Engines and tuning are our passion. That is what motivates us to tirelessly search for new tuning solutions, best remapping practices and trends. Every our client is like a new challenge to the team of Effective Tuning and we meet it with pleasure.

We offer custom chip tuning files online and ECU remapping. Our type of work is not easy at all. It always needs new tests to upgrade our tuning files and improve the way we modify the electronic control unit (ECU) of the vehicles. The reason is that every model vehicle has different specifications. No matter if the engine or the electronic control unit is the same – every vehicle has its own needs, potential and restrictions.

That is why our team of engineers and tuning file developers always comply with clients’ tuning requirements, ideas and suggestions and their vehicles’ parameters to solve the problems as quickly and effectively as possible. Also, it is important to know that our remapping solutions are fully consistent with the engine and the changes it can handle.

We, from Effective Tuning, do all that because what motivates us the most to get better and better are our happy customers!


What services Effective Tuning offers?

We are proud to say that we can remap every vehicle and offer all types of ECU tuning. Our tuning solutions include EGR off (removal of the exhaust gas recirculation), DPF delete (diesel particulate filter removal), AdBlue Removal, performance remap, fuel economy increase, improving power, etc.


Car tuning

Our team has long professional experience in fuel efficiency and overall performance tuning on mainstream cars. That is why we can offer all stages of ECU tuning, so you will also receive acceleration improvements and reduced emissions;


Van tuning

We, from Effective Tuning, are also specialists in mainstream vans tuning for better performance and less fuel consumption and can offer full custom upgrades for your van;


4×4 tuning

If you have a 4×4 vehicle, you can entrust it to Effective Tuning. We have the needed knowledge to remap it the best way possible so you will be able to enjoy improved overall performance, fuel economy and horsepower;


Motorcycle tuning

Thanks to our motorcycle tuning solution, you will receive smoother throttle response, improved horsepower and faster up and down gear changes;


Truck tuning

As you know, fuel costs are increasing all the time. We, from Effective Tuning, can offer tuning solutions for improving fuel efficiency up to 10% and reducing the costs. Not only that, but our truck tuning will increase the torque of your vehicle and will lower the emissions;


Agricultural tuning

Our tuning solutions for increased power and torque will make your agricultural vehicle more effective. As a result, you will enjoy increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption, smoother running and more saved time. As a bonus, your tractor will … lower carbon footprint;


Why choose Effective Tuning?

As we said above, our tuning team has more than 10 years of knowledge and experience with all types of remapping.

All our custom chip tuning files are dyno tested and we complete full diagnostics via OBD. In other words, our remapping is 100% safe and can not damage your vehicle.

Effective Tuning is available 24/7. Our customer support is always ready to help you with any questions or problems you might have. That is why we can provide you with the best online tuning solution for your vehicle according to your needs and requirements.

Also, our custom chip tuning file online service is super fast – you can get your tuning files ready in 15-60 minutes!

And the best part: Effective Tuning offers the highest possible quality tuning files on the best prices on the worldwide market. Our ratio between price and quality of service is excellent! Learn more about our prices.

Effective Tuning is a world industry leader in ECU Remapping. You can entrust your vehicle and get the best tuning solution for it! Learn more here.

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