Caterpillar ADEM VI tuning – we, at Effective Tuning, are the first and only company that offers a solution for ADEM VI. In addition, our team can tune all other ADEM models too.



We, at Effective Tuning, specialize in ECU reprogramming and chip tuning of Caterpillar vehicles equipped with an ADEM ECU. What we do is rewrite the stock settings of the software logic map inside the electronic control unit of your CAT’s drivetrain.

If you are wondering why you need a chip tuning… Well, usually the factory settings are not the best quality for your vehicle, for its needs, and according to the conditions of the area of your work. So in order to achieve the best overall performance and power, we strongly recommend our professional Caterpillar ADEM VI tuning. It is the most cost-effective solution for getting the maximum performance out of your CAT vehicle. Thanks to our ECU remapping service, you will save fuel, minimize downtime and increase horsepower and torque. Check more about our Caterpillar Tuning and ECU remapping – Wheel Tractor-Scrapers / Dozers / Excavators.

Our team of tuning experts is dedicated to providing the best ECU tuning files online and solutions for your Caterpillar vehicle! All our tuning files are custom-made and put through hundreds of testing stages before being available to you.

One of the advantages of our dyno-tested tuning files is that we custom-calibrate and modify your current engine operating systems to meet all your needs in the best possible way! In other words, we do not throw a random tuning file into your ECU – we base our tuning files on your original settings with the necessary modifications.

Most importantly, we do not open the ECU physically as our service is made online and remotely. This means that our Caterpillar ADEM VI tuning is completely safe for your vehicle! The whole process is done carefully by balancing everything electronically.

Effective Tuning’s specialists use only the Best ECU Tuning Files Online, and the Best OBD and Bench Tuning Tools! We also have strong experience in chip tuning and we offer quick, easy, and 100% remote solutions!

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Caterpillar ADEM VI tuning has many benefits for the Caterpillar vehicles, including improvement in power and overall performance. Our ECU remapping solution also helps for increasing torque and gives a better throttle response with an enhanced driving experience. After the chip tuning process, you will enjoy better fuel mileage, reduced fuel consumption, and faster overtaking.



We can tune all Caterpillar vehicles as we provide Caterpillar Excavators Tuning, Caterpillar Dozers Tuning, Caterpillar Loaders Tuning, Caterpillar Off-Highway Trucks Tuning, and Caterpillar Wheel Loaders Tuning. Here are most of the Caterpillar models equipped with an ADEM ECU that we, at Effective Tuning, can remap:

  • Caterpillar C13 12.5L 318kW/426HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C13 12.5L 321kW/430HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C13 12.8L 328kW/440HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C12 12.8L 354kW/428HP ADEM III
  • Caterpillar C13 12.8L 354kW/475HP ADEM III
  • Caterpillar C13 12.8L 354kW/475HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C12 12.8L 373kW/500HP ADEM III
  • Caterpillar C13 12.8L 391kW/525HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar Graders – Livellatrici 12H 8.8L 123kW/165HP ADEM III
  • Caterpillar Graders – Livellatrici 140M 7.2 L L6 134kW/180HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar Graders – Livellatrici 140M2 9.3L L6 144kW/193HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C16 15.8L 503kW/675HP ADEM III
  • Caterpillar Excavators 325D 7.2L 140kW/188HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar Excavators 336E C9 8.8L 200kW/266HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar 3512A 52L V12 1470kW/1970HP ADEM III
  • Caterpillar Scrapers 627H 12.5L C13 304kW/408HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar 3126 7.0L 6L 142kW/190HP ADEM III
  • Caterpillar C7 7.2L 186kW/249HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C7 7.2L 224kW/300HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar Dump Trucks 745C C18 18.1L 381kW/511HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C9-B ACERT 8.8L 205kW/275HP ADEM III
  • Caterpillar C9-B ACERT 8.8L 224kW/300HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C9-B ACERT 8.8L 261kW/350HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C9-B ACERT 8.8L 300kW/402HP ADEM III
  • Caterpillar C9-B ACERT 8.8L 375kW/503HP ADEM III
  • Caterpillar C9.3 ACERT 9.3L 170kW/228HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C9.3 ACERT 9.3L 224kW/300HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C9.3 ACERT 9.3L 261kW/350HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar Wheel Loaders 966M XE 9.3L 222kW/298HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar Wheel Loaders 972M 9.3L 223kW/300HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar Wheel Loaders 980H 15.2L 260kW/349HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C13 12.5L 318kW/426HP ADEM IV
  • Caterpillar C15 15.2L 298kW/400HP ADEM IV
  • C15 15.2L 323kW/433HP ADEM IV
  • C15 15.2L 354kW/475HP ADEM IV
  • C15 15.2L 373kW/500HP ADEM IV
  • C15 15.2L 406kW/545HP ADEM IV
  • C15 15.2L 410kW/550HP ADEM III
  • C15 15.2L 410kW/550HP ADEM IV
  • C15 15.2L 433kW/580HP ADEM IV
  • C15 15.2L 466kW/625HP ADEM IV
  • C18 18.1L 429kW/575HP ADEM IV
  • C18 18.1L 447kW/600HP ADEM IV
  • C18 18.1L 470kW/630HP ADEM IV
  • C18 18.1L 522kW/700HP ADEM IV
  • C27 27L V12 680kW/912HP ADEM IV
  • Highway Truck CT660 13.0L 6L 410kW/550HP ADEM IV
  • Dozers D10T C27 27L 433kW/580HP ADEM IV
  • Dozers D6T C9 9.3L 154kW/206HP ADEM IV
  • Dozers D6T C9 9.3L 161kW/216HP ADEM III
  • Dozers D6T C9 9.3L 165kW/221HP ADEM IV
  • Dozers D6T C9 9.3L 170kW/228HP ADEM IV
  • Dozers D8T C15 15.2L 243kW/325HP ADEM IV
  • Dozers D8T C9 9.3L 235kW/316HP ADEM IV
  • Graders – Livellatrici TM140 9.3L 186kW/250HP ADEM IV

And all new Caterpillar models with ADEM VI ECU from 2021 and onwards!



The team of Effective Tuning provides various chip tuning and ECU remapping solutions for Caterpillar ADEM VI! Check them:



Finding a reliable and experienced chip tuning partner for your own or business vehicles is not easy at all. There are many tuning companies that claim to offer the best ECU remapping solutions and services but not many of them help you achieve a good outcome in the end.

Effective Tuning has years of experience in delivering professional Caterpillar ADEM tuning and ECU remapping. Our tuning specialists have countless tuned ADEM ECU-s and all our customers are 100% happy with the results! In addition, we offer a wide range of add-on options to choose from and we are the only tuning company that has a solution for ADEM VI.

Our tuning service and solutions are completely reliable. Not only that but our prices are the best in the worldwide market! Learn more about our prices.

Get in touch with us and ask about our Caterpillar ADEM VI ECU remapping service! Check also the solutions and benefits of our chip tuning for service shops and become a reseller/ dealer of our industrial ECU remapping files.

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