Have you heard about Caterpillar EGR Delete?

If your job requires you to work with and maintain a Caterpillar industrial machine, you have already faced the nightmare of this type of vehicle’s repair… It is a fact that it is heavily exploited which often causes serious problems, especially with the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system… And you should already know that its repair is extremely expensive. So the best solution is Caterpillar EGR Delete. Read our article till the end to learn more about the industrial EGR removal.


More about the Caterpillar EGR Delete:

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system is made to reduce the bad emissions for less pollution and the good of the environment. It recirculates the exhaust emissions back into the engine through the air intakes.

Though its purpose is good, the EGR system usually causes serious problems on diesel engines and can harm a lot your Caterpillar machine. The reason for that is the accumulating of carbon deposits that can damage the cylinders. As a result, this can lead to engine overheating and premature engine wear.

And when it comes to industrial vehicles, the maintenance of the engine is extremely expensive and the repair – even more. But the Caterpillar EGR Delete is now fully possible!

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results – immediate increase in power, performance and fuel economy. We, at Effective Tuning, proudly can say that our team offers one of the best EGR Delete Solutions for every diesel engine brand and model, including Caterpillar’s ones.


What are the benefits of EGR Delete for Caterpillar engines?

As we said in the beginning, the EGR system is one of the most problematic components for Caterpillar construction machine vehicles. That is why the Caterpillar EGR Delete will solve all problems related to it and it has a variety of benefits, such as:


  1. Cost savings

You will save from engine repair and potential engine replacement because your Caterpillar vehicle will not be often broke and the engine will not fail prematurely. In other words, you will recoup the cost of Caterpillar EGR Delete through all the repair costs that you will not pay in the future.


  1. Better performance and response

You will enjoy the improved overall performance and throttle response. The vehicle performance is tightly related to the engine response. If the throttle response is increased, the performance will also improve. So the Caterpillar EGR Delete will strongly impact your machine. Not only that but the engine will run better as it is clean and free of carbon deposits.


  1. Better fuel economy

The EGR system is made to reduce emissions, but on the other hand, it causes engines to run less efficiently and to use more fuel.

That is why the Caterpillar EGR Delete will lead to an improvement in the fuel economy of your Caterpillar vehicle. And you already know that fuel can be one of the biggest overhead costs, so this tuning solution will solve a serious problem.


Why choose the Effective Tuning’s EGR Delete Solution?

Our team is specialized in Caterpillar EGR Delete solutions and has lots of years of experience. We know that such heavy industrial machines often need repair and have many problems, but we also know all their specifics. This guarantees that your CAT vehicle will be in safe and professional hands!

Not only that but we also have the best prices on the worldwide market. So we offer the best ratio between price and quality of service! See more about our prices here.

If you work in a construction company and you are responsible for a Caterpillar machine condition and you want it to do a better job, learn more about our Caterpillar EGR Delete Solution here.

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