Are you an owner or an operator of a Caterpillar industrial vehicle? Then you may have heard for Caterpillar DPF Delete.

You know that its maintenance and repair can cause overhead costs… This is due to the fact that the heavy machines are heavily exploited and some of their parts are extremely expensive. Some of the most problematic Caterpillar components are the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system (read more) and the diesel particulate filter, also called DPF. In this article, we are going to talk about the Caterpillar DPF Delete – the best tuning solution for your industrial vehicle.


Why do you need Caterpillar DPF Delete?

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) aims to catch soot and other exhaust gases so they are not emitted into the environment. But the DPF often causes serious problems because of the way it should be cleaned.

The DPF cleaning is possible through a process, called “regeneration”. To be done, this process requires very high temperatures to occur. In order to reach the temperature needed, vehicles have to reach high speed and to stay at those speeds consistently throughout the whole process of regeneration. Sometimes it takes around 45 minutes for the process to be finished.

Here is the big problem – it is difficult for most of the diesel vehicles to accomplish these conditions. And when it comes to industrial machines – they can neither reach this high speed nor the temperature required. The consequence of not fully completed regeneration can be clogged diesel particulate filter and seriously damaged engine… This, in turn, can lead to expensive repairs.

That is the reason why so many industrial companies choose our Caterpillar DPF Delete. Our tuning solution is based on reprogramming the Engine Control Module (ECM / ECU) to completely deactivate the DPF. After the Caterpillar DPF Delete, you will immediately feel the difference – better fuel efficiency, and improved engine performance.


What are the advantages of Caterpillar DPF Delete?

Like we mentioned in the beginning, the DPF often causes serious problems to Caterpillar construction machines. That is why the Caterpillar DPF Delete is the best solution to get rid of the often engine broke and the overhead costs for repair and save money and time. But let’s see what other benefits the Caterpillar DPF Delete has:


Improved fuel efficiency

The DPF uses fuel to complete its regeneration process. When the diesel particulate filter is eliminated, there is no need of regeneration. So, the fuel economy of your Caterpillar vehicle will be improved and you will save more money.


Better engine performance

The other advantages that you will recognize is the improved engine performance. The DPF component restricts the engine power. So, the Caterpillar DPF Delete will unleash the full potential of your industrial vehicle engine.


Why you can entrust your Caterpillar vehicle to Effective Tuning?

Effective Tuning offers one of the best Caterpillar DPF Delete solutions and DPF Removal for every diesel engine models.

The team of Effective Tuning has the knowledge and the years of experience required to specialize in Caterpillar DPF Delete. We are aware of the specifics and the needs of all industrial and construction vehicles and especially Caterpillar models. So you can be sure that your vehicle will be remapped in the best way possible!

Not only that but Effective Tuning also offers the best prices on the worldwide market and excellent ratio between price and quality of service! See more about our prices.

Learn more about our Caterpillar DPF Delete Solution here and transform your industrial vehicle for better engine performance and increased fuel efficiency.

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