OBD and Bench tuning tools are the topic of today’s article. We will show you what are the best and most popular On-Board-Diagnostics – OBD and Bench tuning tools also called flashers. Let’s take a look at them:




KESSv2 is one of the best tools for programming the engine electronic control unit (ECU) and transmission via OBD port. It provides full control on vehicle ECU files reading, writing, re-writing or modifying using single mapping software – K-suite.

One advantage of KESSv2 Master and KESSv2 Slave versions flasher is that it is compatible with all brands of cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractors and boats. Not only that but it offers safe ECU reprogramming, updates for new vehicles and automatic checksum correction.

The main goal of KESSv2 is to improve vehicle performance as solving some issues that a standard diagnostic can not solve. However, it can be used for EGR / DPF / Lambda delete.



Powergate3+ is one of the innovative personal OBD flashers, it is portable and touchscreen. It allows reprogramming the vehicle ECU in complete autonomy.

Powergate3+ offers a direct connection to the vehicle via OBD port and standard PC connection via USB port. You can store on it up to 5 different stages + the original ECU file, so your customers will be able to choose and upload on their own the map they want. Powergate3+ is absolutely safe and easy for usage. It enables erasing possible errors with DTC code and it is completely customizable!

Powergate3+ includes Powergate3+ Decoder and Powergate3+ User tools, as well as Software Alientech Manager and Software User. Therefore, if you want to attract new customers, this innovative technology is the solution you need!


iXi Personal OBD Flasher

iXi Personal Flasher is created for improving the overall performance and driving experience via OBD port. Some of iXi Personal Flasher’s benefits are the simple interface, the availability to carry out performance testing and to enhance engine power, torque, speed, etc.


New Genius and My Genius

New Genius is another ECU remapping tool via an OBD socket. With New Genius, there is no need to connect to a personal computer or laptop to manage the remap process. Not only that but there is no way to make something wrong.

My Genius is the upgraded version of New Genius but it is tied to a single, specific vehicle. It allows to store up to 10 different files for one vehicle


HP Tuners MPVI2

HP Tuners MPVI2 is an ECU flash tool that offers full control over the tuning process of the ECU. The goal is to be able to get the maximum performance and unlock the full potential of your vehicle. Besides, it provides an unlimited ability to read and write the electronic control unit. The ECU remapping with HP Tuners MPVI2 is possible via OBD2 port and easy-to-use VCM Editor tuning software.


OBD & Bench tuning tools 2


BitBox is an ECU reflash software that allows reading and writing of the ECU file for many different purposes. It also works via OBD port. The package consists set of plug-ins (software modules). BitBox is mainly used for vehicle brands as Toyota, Lexus, KIA, Hyundai, etc.


MAGPro2 X17

MAGPro2 X17 is an ECU tuning tool and solution for vehicles equipped with EDC17, MED17, MEDV17, etc. This flasher and the wide range of accessories allow you to read or write the ECU content via OBD. MAGPro2 X17 also is available in two versions – MAGPro2 X17 Master and MAGPro2 X17 Slave.






K-TAG is an on bench ECU programmer and it is one of the most preferred tools for writing back original or modified ECU files. There are again two solutions – K-TAG Master and K-TAG Slave.

If you want complete control of the ECU remapping process, we recommend you to use K-TAG Master. If you and your garage are at the very beginning and you want quickly to become part of the world of ECU tuning and to offer custom files, then you can use the K-TAG Slave solution.

Some of the benefits of K-TAG both solutions are that they are suitable for all types of ECUs, even for the last generation ones. They provide complete access to the vehicle ECU and ECU data cloning. In addition, K-TAG offers the availability of reading and writing the microprocessor of the control unit, EEPROM and flash memory.


New Trasdata

New Trasdata is a unique ECU tuning tool that supports all microprocessors and is suitable for reading and reprogramming in BDM, BOOT, JTAG, NBD, BAM and GPT mode. Some of its strengths are that it saves the original ECU file and it performs autonomous checksum recalculations to ensure that the engine works normally after the modification.



Mixed OBD and BENCH tuning tools


Autotuner is one of the easiest to use and highly efficient universal OBD and Bench tuning tools. It is compatible with many vehicles and can read information from most ECUs. Autotuner is available for BSL, bench or via OBD and offers powerful hardware and easy-to-use software. You can choose again between both versions – Master and Slave.



FLEX is one of the most innovative OBD and Bench tuning tools for reprogramming, upgrading or modifying. You can manage ECUs, transmissions, safety features and infotainment units directly through the OBD socket, on the bench or in boot mode. There is also a Flexbox for advanced and repairing jobs. Thanks to it, you will be able to offer new customizable technology to your customers and grow your business.


CMD Flash tool

The standard CMD Flash is an OBD remapping tool, but it can also be upgraded to allow bench tuning via BDM or BOOT mode. CMD Flash is known as the most stable ECU reprogramming tool on the market. It is popular with its software, speed and responsible professional support. There are some variations – CMDFlash Master, CMDFlash Unrestricted Slave and CMDFlash Slave.

The difference between them all is that CMDFlash Master can read and write unencrypted files, while CMDFlash Unrestricted Slave and CMDFlash Slave can read and write crypted files only.



bFlash is one of the most popular OBD and Bench tuning tools for ECU programming, diagnostics, data logging, vehicle network analysis, emulation, file management and editing, etc. It is a real innovation with lots of functions and specifications. In addition, bFlash supports various programming methods as OBD, BDM, Boot, DoIP Ethernet, Flexray, Jtag and many more.



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