Chip tuning online is the process of reprogramming the vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit), in order to optimize and upgrade engine overall performance. The remapping process helps for increasing power, improving torque, achieving better fuel economy and cleaner emissions. It is done by changing the vehicle’s factory settings via special software.

Effective Tuning is a worldwide leader in chip tuning online service for custom-made ECU tuning files for petrol and diesel engines. Our team supplies many ECU tuning individuals, dealers and garages with quality chip tuning files.

In this article, we will talk about the chip tuning online service and its benefits:


How does the chip tuning online process work?

We, from Effective Tuning, offer chip tuning online service with custom-made remapping files in some easy steps.

First, you need to create an account on, so you can register for free. Then, you should buy tuning credits. Do not worry about the payment – it is absolutely safe. After that, you have to upload your original ECU file from your vehicle to our website and enter your vehicle’s details.

When we receive your requirements and the original engine file, our tuning engineers will start working for bettering your vehicle’s performance or engine power.

Primarily, the chip tuning online process starts with a professional diagnostic of your vehicle’s current state, dyno-tests and reading of the parameters. When our professionals check your vehicle, it is time for ECU remapping. Our team will make everything possible to be sure the tuning results are optimal.

The chip tuning online process does not take long. Of course, each order gets ready for different times depending on the required modifications. But at all, your tuned files will be ready within 15-60 minutes.

Then, you will receive an e-mail and you will be able to download the upgraded ECU file. All you need to do after that is to load it into your vehicle’s ECU and you are ready to enjoy the performance and power modifications.


What information do we need before the chip tuning online?

If you are new to chip tuning online process – do not worry! There is no need to understand the whole chip tuning process. All the information you need to provide us is your type of vehicle, brand, model and engine (electronic control unit). Then, you should choose what modifications you want. We also will need you to have a created account, so we can send you the tuned file back.


Benefits of chip tuning online:

Thanks to the chip tuning online service you can save a lot of time processing your ECU files. Also, any special requests and requirements for modifications are welcome.

We should mention as a benefit that chip tuning online files are custom-made and at reasonable prices. Also, all payment transactions are safe.

Another advantage is that Effective Tuning provides 24/7 professional and fast online support on every stage of work. We do not use an automated system. Instead, our tuning engineers will offer personal contact and live chat for technical support to help you with any questions you might have.

Maybe the most important benefit of chip tuning online is that it is completely invisible if it is performed professionally. You do not have to worry about warranty expiration. Not only that but we do the remapping within all safety limits of your vehicle. We guarantee that our chip tuning is 100% reliable and your engine will not be damaged.

In addition, the original ECU file can be restored at any time if you want.

One more advantage of chip tuning online is that is convenient to most electronic vehicle models. No matter what is the brand of your vehicle, it can be tuned.


Chip tuning online services:

Effective Tuning offers a wild range of chip tuning online services for all types of vehicles. That involves tuning files for original parts, for compressor-ratio modification, ECU tuning files for trucks and agricultural equipment. Also, remapping files for eco tuning (fuel economy), Adblue off, DPF off, DTC and EGR off, Immo off, Catalyst off (O2 lambda).

Other chip tuning online services are NOX off, throttle response tuning, Vmax speed limit on/off, rescaling MAF/MAP, exhaust flap control, cold start off, pop & bang, damos.

Also, gearbox tuning including shift speed, free manual shifting, torque limits, shift boom, clutch clamping pressure, launch control activation, shift points, rpm limits, etc.

Our team also offers combined chip tuning files and accepts special requests!


In conclusion

We, from Effective Tuning, are real tuners. Chip tuning is our passion! Our tuning professionals have more than 10 years of knowledge in the field and their knowledge is based on real experience. We create new ECU tuning solutions to upgrade our tuning files as much as possible.

If you want to transform your vehicle into a beast and to upgrade its performance, power and fuel efficiency… Get your tuning files now! Contact us for more information or check our services here.

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