ECU tuning (electronic engine control unit remapping) is the process of modifying or reprogramming the engine software of a vehicle to change default parameters. The role of the ECU is to be as a heart of the engine – it controls the exhaust system, fuel supply and injection, air control, transmission and most of the other functions.

Part of the ECU tuning solutions that Effective Tuning offers is related to improving the overall performance, better fuel economy, more horsepower, etc for every vehicle – cars, vans, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural and industrial vehicles.

No matter what is the customer’s need or desire, the ECU tuning should be done only by tuning specialists with long experience and solid knowledge in the field.

Here comes the best thing – the team of Effective Tuning has the necessary qualifications to provide its customers with all types of ECU Tuning:


Bosch ECU tuning

Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) is an engine-management system, created for diesel engines by Bosch in 1986. Today it is a part of the standard equipment of commercial vehicles. The team of Effective Tuning can offer EDC tuning for EDC15, EDC16 and EDC17.

MD1 and MG1 are the latest generations of Bosch’s ECUs. We are proud to say that we can make MG1 tuning for petrol vehicles and MD1 tuning for diesel vehicles.

Other Bosch ECU models we tune are ME7, ME17, MED17, MED9, DQ380, DQ381, GS19 and DQ500.


Effective Tuning is also able to tune many different brands and models ECUs:

Delphi ECU remapping

We have the best online chip tuning files for DCM6, DCM3, MT80, MT60, DCM1, CRD2, CRD3, MT86, 3.N5, CRD2, etc.


Magneti Marelli ECU tuning

Effective Tuning can offer ECU tuning for all Magneti Mareli ECUs as 8GMF, 8GMK, 9GF, MJ8, MJD, 9DF, 8GSF, 8GMW, 9TDE, 8GSW, 8GML, 7GF, 9GV, 6O3, 6O2, 8DS, etc.

Siemens ECU remapping

Our team also offers tuning solutions for Siemens ECUs: PPD1, 4R, DQ500, MSD80, MSD81, MSV80, MSD87, MSD85, TC17 and MPC556.

Denso ECU tuning

We can tune Denso ECUs – RA6, 896, MB0, P5, MB2, R2, RF, D40, RHF4, DS, KH, KS, 25NA, EU6, DT, LA.

ZF Friedrichshafen ECU remapping

Effective Tuning has custom chip tuning files also for 9HP, AL450, AL65, AL551, 8HP, AL951, etc.

Continental ECU tuning

We also offer ECU Tuning for Continental models – SIMOS -10, SIM2K, CM2250, SIMOS-PCR2, SIMOS-18, SIMOS-12, DQ200, SIMOS-6, SIMOS-8, DQ500, CM2150E, MSD81, MSD80, MSV90, SID807.

TEMIC ECU remapping

Our team can provide you with the best tuning solution for TEMIC ECUs as DQ200, DQ250, DQ400, VL300, V30, VL381, DL382, DL501, etc/

Keihin ECU tuning

Last but not least, we are able to offer Keihin 37820 ECU tuning.


Why Effective Tuning?

As you already know, that is the reason we are proud that we can offer all types of ECU tuning. Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience and know very well every ECU model and brand. Not only that but we also follow every new ECU tuning trend or best remapping practices, so we can offer the best quality online chip tuning files.

The main goal of Effective Tuning is to have happy and satisfied customers! That is why we always check and upgrade our tuning files with dyno tests, so they are 100% safe for our clients’ vehicles.

We offer various tuning solutions, including DPF Delete (deleting the diesel particulate filter), EGR Delete (exhaust gas recirculation delete), SCR Removal (selective catalytic reduction), etc. Our online tuning files are getting ready in 15-60 minutes and the customer support is available 24/7, so you will not lose time waiting for a service or an answer to an important question.

Not only that but you will not find a better ratio between prices and quality as the Effective Tuning’s one. We offer the highest possible quality tuning files on the best prices on the worldwide market. See our pricing.


Effective Tuning is a world industry leader in all types of ECU tuning. Get the best tuning solution for your vehicle now! Learn more here.

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