Last time we talked about what are the benefits from car remap. We explained you how does some upgradings work such as improving the fuel efficiency, increasing power and torque, making the overall performance better and turning the driving process into real pleasure. Do not forget to read more about the remapping advantages in our previous article “TOP 3 Reasons Why Your Car Needs Online ECU Tuning”!

It can’t be denied that tuning can completely transform any vehicle and take it to the next level! No matter if you have a small city car, an agriculture tractor, a big truck or a motorcycle – remapping can make from it an incredibly fast or/and economical machine!

But there may be one question… Many of you maybe are wondering if the pros from tuning are so many and they all are so obvious, why don’t manufacturers do remap? Some mistrustful people will say that surely there is something wrong here.

So today we are going to unravel the mystery! We will show you the 4 key reasons why manufacturers do not do car remap still in the factory:


1. They aim to sell vehicles worldwide

The first key reason manufacturers don’t tune is because their main aim is to sell their vehicles on various markets and their priority is the majority of consumers. So they build them to be suitable for anywhere in the world. Each country has its features and specifics which means that a vehicle would be operating in different conditions. That may include different climates (hot or cold temperatures), altitudes, humidity, fuel quality, emissions regulations, tax systems, servicing standards, etc.

That’s why a manufacturer has to think of all of these factors and to create generic software for each vehicle. The engine has to suit the average driving conditions in each country to reduce the chance of problems occurring. This in turn implies a lot of compromises with the vehicles overall performance. That is how a generic ECU software is developed to suit 99.99% of customers!


2. Car remap doesn’t bring manufactures money

Like any manufacturer, they are mostly looking for sales and profit. In other words, car remap is not cost-effective for them. That’s why they don’t usually offer tuning upgrades. Providing range-wide remapping is not a good and profitable option to manufacturers, because they know there are so many tuning services on affordable prices and they hardly can beat the competition.


3. It’s marketing

Manufacturers use one engine in a series of vehicles as they increase the vehicles’s power and performance only a little bit. That way they can sell it at a higher price. Here it’s all about marketing! It is a tactic that makes customers to want the upgraded model and to spend more money on it.


4. Manufacturers also have rules

Yes! It’s hard to believe, right?

They have to follow lots of rules when it comes to producing vehicles. There are many requirements for fuel and emissions and manufacturers have to meet them so they can sell a produced car.


Mystery unraveled!

After we showed you the 4 key reasons why manufacturers don’t offer tuning, we hope that those of you who were a little skeptical about car remap are more positive about it now!

In conclusion, we can admit that the benefits of remapping are real and there is nothing wrong with such car upgrading! If you are considering getting your vehicle remapped, but you still don’t know how it is working – just contact us! Our 24/7 support will help you at any time! Learn more about our online tuning files service here.

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