KOBELCO excavators tuning and ECU remapping from Effective Tuning are what KOBELCO owners and operators really need! Do you want to make your excavator operations easier, more powerful, and more efficient? We are here for your needs!


Kobelco excavators

KOBELCO construction equipment has won international praise for its excellent performance, fuel efficiency, and whisper-quiet operation. KOBELCO machines are an ideal solution for those who want powerful, best functions and durable reliability.

As an industrial manufacturer specializing in excavator development, KOBELCO understands the importance of mini-models to its overall product line-up. KOBELCO mini excavator plays a key role in landscaping, utilities, and small construction projects, but they also provide vital support on larger job sites too.

When you need to do a full-sized job with a compact machine, SK Series mini excavators from KOBELCO are your solution. In addition, with our KOBELCO excavators chip tuning, we can push the performance and productivity of your digger to new levels.


Kobelco excavators tuning from Effective Tuning

Every KOBELCO excavator model is configured with industry-exclusive features – including the unique ECU (electronic control unit).

Unfortunately, the factor settings are not of the best quality. So if you looking to achieve the best overall performance, and maximize productivity and uptime in the toughest, we strongly recommend our professional KOBELCO excavators ECU remapping.

We provide the highest possible professional KOBELCO excavators tuning and ECU remapping solution! So our tuning specialists will upgrade your track hoe in order so you can get the best of it!

Not only that, but our KOBELCO ECU remapping is with the best prices on the worldwide market! In addition, all of our chip setup files are dyno-tested a hundred times.

But the biggest advantage is that we do not open the ECU physically – only online and remotely! That makes our service completely safe!

The chip tuning experts of Effective Tuning use only the Best ECU Tuning Files Online, and the Best OBD and Bench Tuning Tools!

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask about our KOBELCO excavators tuning service!


What makes our Kobelco excavators tuning so wanted service?

KOBELCO chip tuning from Effective Tuning gives you the ability to get the power and performance that you need to tackle your biggest jobs.

Let us show you a small piece of our KOBELCO chip tuning advantages. After that, you won’t wonder anymore why our KOBELCO excavators chip tuning is so wanted service.

  • Helps boost productivity
  • Reduces cycle times and fuel consumption
  • Increases slew torque for slewing and backfilling
  • Provides reliable power
  • Makes class-leading hydraulics
  • Reduction of maintenance costs

If you want to learn more about our KOBELCO excavators tuning, you know where to find us!


Kobelco excavators engines and models that we can remap:

Check all KOBELCO excavators models that we, at Effective Tuning, can remap:

  • Kobelco ED160 BR-5 3.0L 71kW/95HP TRANSTRON 4Jxx
  • Kobelco SK140 SR 3.0L 78kW/105HP TRANSTRON 4Jxx
  • Kobelco SK170 LC 5.1L 99kW/134HP DENSO 275700-1201
  • Kobelco SK170 MK9 4.5L FPT 85kW/115HP EDC7UC31
  • Kobelco SK180 LC 5.1L 99kW/134HP DENSO 275700-1201
  • Kobelco SK210 LC 5.1L 124kW/166HP DENSO 275700-1201
  • Kobelco SK210 LC 6.7L FPT 112kW/150HP EDC7UC31
  • Kobelco SK210-9 5.1L 124kW/166HP DENSO 112500-1xxx
  • Kobelco SK230 LC 5.1L 124kW/166HP DENSO 275700-1201
  • Kobelco SK260 LC 5.1L 138kW/185HP DENSO 275700-1201
  • Kobelco SK260 LC 5.2L FPT 138kW/185HP EDC7UC31
  • Kobelco SK270 LC 5.1L 124kW/166HP DENSO 275700-1201
  • Kobelco SK295 LC-8 6.7L FPT 152kW/204HP EDC7UC31
  • Kobelco SK350 LC 7.7L HINO 213kW/286HP DENSO 275700-1201

If you don’t see your KOBELCO excavators model or engine, just get in touch with us!


Kobelco excavators tuning services and solutions

The team of Effective Tuning can provide different KOBELCO excavators tuning and ECU remapping solutions! Check them:

  • KOBELCO excavators DPF removal (DPF off / DPF delete)
  • KOBELCO excavators EGR delete (EGR off/ EGR removal)
  • KOBELCO excavators DEF delete (DEF off / DEF removal)
  • KOBELCO excavators EGT removal (EGT delete / EGT off)
  • KOBELCO excavators SCR delete (SCR off / SCR removal / Adblue off / Adblue removal)
  • KOBELCO excavators DTC code removal (DTC off / DTC delete / diagnostic trouble code solution)




Effective Tuning gives you the quality, strength, and confidence to get bigger jobs done. Our chip tuning solutions are 100% proven and reliable. We offer a wide range of add-on options to choose from.

We have years of experience in delivering professional KOBELCO excavators tuning and ECU remapping solutions! In addition, our prices are the best in the worldwide market! Learn more about our prices.

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