If you are looking for Hino tuning solutions for your Hino truck or bus, you are in the right place! A DPF, DEF, EGR, EGT and SCR delete services are some of the most requested Hino tuning solutions.

In this article, we will talk about Hino DPF delete, DEF delete, EGR delete, EGT delete and SCR delete and their benefits for your Hino truck or bus:



The Diesel Particulate Filter, called DPF, has one main purpose – to reduce the diesel particulate matter or soot from your HINO engine. The DPF system has soot-catching compartments where the soot is collected. As a result, usually, those soot-catching compartments get plugged up with soot. This leads to exhaust restriction and a process called regeneration starts. During this process the soot is burnt off, so your HINO vehicle’s exhaust system can work properly again.

But the main problem with the DPF is that usually your Hino vehicle cannot achieve the temperature needed to complete its regeneration. This can cause serious DPF damages and really expensive repairs. It can also result in less power, worse fuel economy and shorter engine life. That is why many Hino diesel truck and bus drivers choose our Hino DPF delete (Hino DPF off / Hino DPF removal) from our Hino tuning solutions. They need optimal performance, good horsepower and better torque because they use their Hino truck or bus for carrying or towing heavy loads.

Thanks to our Hino DPF delete, your Hino engine will gain far more power and fuel efficiency. In addition, you will lengthen the life of the engine. Ask us for more information about our Hino DPF delete (Hino DPF off / removal) solution for Hino trucks or Hino buses!



The DEF system, also known as Diesel Engine Fluid is working almost the same way as the DPF. The only difference is that it uses DEF instead of diesel fuel. The DEF system also reduces the soot from your Hino engine and causes the same problems as the DPF system. When there is a large amount of soot that needs to be removed, the system starts its regeneration. And here come the same problems – clogged system, reduced fuel efficiency, worse performance… And there is one more thing – DEF is mostly made up of water, so it can cause the system to freeze up.

That is why our team offers Hino DEF delete service via chip tuning and remapping the ECU (electronic control unit) as a part of the Hino tuning solutions we provide. Our Hino DEF delete solution will help your Hino truck or bus to work better, to have improved fuel economy and to unleash its hidden performance.



The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) in diesel engines reduces the exhaust emissions as recirculating them back into the engine through the air intakes. The main problem with EGR is exactly that recirculation because it causes carbon deposits to build up in the EGR cooler and the intake manifold. In addition, the EGR system can negatively affect the overall performance of your Hino truck or bus and shorten the engine’s lifespan. Most EGR systems are badly known for the terrible engine troubles and damages they cause and the high maintenance costs.

That is why many drivers prefer Hino EGR delete (Hino EGR off / Hino EGR removal) from our Hino tuning solutions. With our Hino EGR delete via ECU remapping and chip tuning with custom tuning files, we can reprogram your Hino truck or bus to meet all your requirements. The benefits of our Hino EGR delete service include better engine performance, better fuel efficiency and economy, a boost in torque, etc. Your Hino engine will not recycle the exhaust gas through itself, but it will work cleaner and will offer unrivaled power. In addition, you will not have to worry about expensive maintenance and repairs anymore.

We, from Effective Tuning, provide high-quality Hino tuning solutions and Hino EGR delete (Hino EGR removal) service that will help your Hino engine perform at its best! Check our custom Hino chip tuning files here.



The Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) sensor measures the temperature of the exhaust gas. The main role of the EGT is to protect important vehicle components from the higher temperature and also to achieve the correct temperature for regeneration. One of the serious problems with EGT sensor is that it is exposed to extremely high temperatures. Other issues are the vibration that can cause the wire to break and the contamination from other fluids such as oil or antifreeze. All these factors can affect the EGT sensor to show faulty information. That leads to reduced fuel efficiency, unnecessary DPF regeneration, etc.

The solution is one of our Hino tuning solutions – Hino EGT delete (Hino EGT off / Hino EGT removal). Our Hino EGT delete service via reprogramming the ECU of your Hino vehicle will prevent from all those faults and engine damages.



The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), also called UREA or AdBlue is another Hino vehicle system that aims to control the emissions. Its main purpose is to reduce NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions in order to prevent pollution via injecting DEF into the exhaust stream as a catalyst. But the SCR is also one of the most problematic Hino vehicle components. It includes regular DEF purchasing, corrosion, system blockages, limp mode and costly maintenance and repairs.

Because of all of these issues with the SCR system, most Hino truck or bus drivers choose our Hino tuning solutions and especially our Hino SCR delete (Hino AdBlue off) service. The benefits of our Hino SCR delete solution are better engine work, improved performance, no need of DEF, less unexpected repairs and longer engine life.


Why choose Effective Tuning for HINO tuning solutions?

Effective Tuning offers only high-quality custom chip tuning files programmed for your Hino truck or bus. Some of the benefits of our Hino tuning solutions as DPF / DEF / EGR / SCR delete services are fast and remote ECU remapping, customized chip tuning solution that meets the needs of your Hino truck or bus, fast response and 24/7 tech support, 10+ years of experience with Hino ECU remapping…. And the best one – the best prices for Hino tuning solutions and Hino chip tuning in the worldwide market, without sacrificing the quality. Learn more about our prices.

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