DAF XF tuning fulfills all wishes you have for your truck. Do you want it to be faster? And to use less fuel? It is possible. Our chip tuning will change the fixed parameters and it will give the feeling like you are driving a new more powerful truck.


DAF XF tuning and ECU remapping

DAF XF trucks do a really tough job. Just think of the heavy loads, the hills climbing, the overtaking they have to deal with every day. Sometimes it is overwhelmingly difficult for them.

The DAF trucks’ behavior is controlled at every moment. They are managed by an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which contains a software logic map. The standard settings on DAF XF trucks limit their overall performance. That’s why they need ECU remapping.

Through it, you leave all limitations in the past to get what you really want. Our service doesn’t take your time at all and doesn’t cost you any effort, because we take care of everything!

Our tuning specialists only use the Best ECU Tuning Files Online, and the Best OBD and Bench Tuning Tools!

We apply them entirely online. This allows us to tune vehicles from all over the world! And the best thing for our customers is that our tuning is completely safe – there is no chance of damage! We can guarantee it as we don’t physically touch your truck and open the ECU.

Our chip tuning files are as efficient as possible because we customize them just for you and dyno test them!


The best things you will notice after DAF XF trucks ECU remapping

Improved fuel efficiency

Expensive fuels and the large amount your truck consumes are a big challenge for almost every DAF truck owner and operator. So, one of the best things after our DAF XF tuning is the fuel economy.

Better power

Your truck won’t have trouble with the loads because it will be more powerful. You don’t have to worry that deadlines will press you and your work for the day will not be done. It’s great to be on time, isn’t it?

Faster overtaking

You will be able to overtake the heavier and slower trucks with ease now. Just press the gas pedal and enjoy the acceleration your vehicle is capable of.

Great driving experience

All improvements to your truck will lead to one thing – a great experience on the road. Our mission is to do the best for you and your vehicle, so you can really enjoy driving.


DAF XF trucks engines that we can remap

Here are the DAF XF models we can change into something better:

  • 410 12.9L 6L 300kW/402HP DELPHI DCMI
  • 380 12.6L 280kW/376HP MS6.2
  • 430 12.6L 316kW/424HP MS6.2
  • 480 12.6L 353kW/473HP MS6.2
  • 530 12.6L 390kW/523HP MS6.2
  • 410 12.9L 6L 303kW/406HP DELPHI DCMI
  • 460 12.9L 6L 340kW/456HP DELPHI DCMI
  • 510 12.9L 6L 375kW/503HP DELPHI DCMI
  • 400 10.8L 291kW/390HP DELPHI ETC3
  • 410 12.9L 303kW/406HP DELPHI ETC3
  • 430 12.9L 315kW/422HP DELPHI ETC3
  • 440 10.8L 320kW/429HP DELPHI ETC3
  • 460 12.9L 340KW/456HP DELPHI ETC3
  • 480 12.9L 355kW/476HP DELPHI ETC3
  • 510 12.9L 375kW/503HP DELPHI ETC3
  • 530 12.9L 390kW/523HP DELPHI ETC3
  • XF 95.380 (380 PK/279 kW) euro 3
  • XF 95.430 (428 PK/315 kW) euro 3
  • XF 95.480 (483 PK/355 kW) euro 3
  • XF 95.530 (530 PK/390 kW) euro 3
  • XF 105.410 (410 PK/301 kW) euro 4+5
  • XF 105 460 (460 PK/338 kW) euro 4+5
  • XF 105.510 (510 PK/375 kW) euro 4+5
  • XF 106 410HP MX13 euro 6
  • XF 106 460HP MX13 euro 6
  • XF 106 510HP MX13 euro 6
  • XF 106 400HP MX11 euro 6
  • XF 106 440HP MX11 euro 6
  • 381 381hp
  • 430 428hp
  • 480 480hp
  • 530 530hp

Ask us about your truck today! We promise to answer your questions and satisfy all your expectations!


DAF XF trucks tuning services and solutions

  • DAF XF Truck EGR delete (EGR off/ EGR removal)
  • DAF XF Truck DPF removal (DPF off / DPF delete)
  • DAF XF Truck DEF delete (DEF off / DEF removal)
  • DAF XF Truck EGT removal (EGT delete / EGT off)
  • DAF XF Truck SCR delete (SCR off / SCR removal / Adblue off / Adblue removal)
  • DAF XF Truck DTC code removal (DTC off / DTC delete / diagnostic trouble code solution)



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