International truck tuning and ECU remapping from Effective Tuning are the most wanted chip tuning services that you can choose for upgrading your truck. If you want more power, increased overall performance, and fuel economy for your vehicle – you are in the right place! Our team will help you achieve the best results for your International truck!



International truck models are best-in-class vehicles with proven reliability, optimal fuel efficiency, and daring aerodynamic design that never goes out of style. In addition, with our chip tuning, every International truck will become a beast on the road.



All International truck models are equipped with a software logic map based inside the ECU (electronic control unit). In most cases, the trucks need some boost, because their stock settings are not satisfying at all. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your truck, our professional and cost-effective International truck tuning is the best solution.

The specialists from Effective Tuning offer only the best chip tuning files online! Our ECU tuning is based on 100% online and remote reprogramming of the ECU. In other words, we do not open the electronic control unit physically, so there is no risk of damaging the engine.

Effective Tuning’s professionals provide only the Best ECU Tuning Files Online, and the Best OBD and Bench Tuning Tools! Our chip tuning solution is 100% safe and reliable! Not only that, but all of our tuning files are dyno-tested and custom-made! In addition, we offer quick, very easy, and cost-effective services for the best International truck tuning results!



Effective Tuning can make an ECU remapping of all modern International truck models. More importantly, we have tuning solutions for trucks up to 2022! Check some of the International truck models that we can remap:

International 4300 tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 6L 158kW/212HP SID903/SID904
  • 6L 160kW/215HP SID913/SID914
  • 6L 171kW/229HP SID903/SID904
  • 6L 183kW/245HP SID903/SID904
  • 6L 194kW/260HP SID908
  • 6L 194kW/260HP SID913/SID914
  • 6L 212kW/285HP SID903/SID904


International 4300i tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 3L 276kW/370HP SID913/SID914


International 4400 tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 7L DT 6L 194kW/260HP SID903/SID904
  • 6L 6L 193kW/259HP SID913/SID914
  • 6L DS 245kW/329HP SID913/SID914
  • 7L DT 530 6L 224kW/300HP SID903/SID904
  • 3L 6L 245kW/329HP SID903/SID904


International 4700 tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 6L 6L 246kW/330HP SID913/SID914


International 5600i tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 8L 24V 224kW/300HP CM875


International 7300i tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 6L 6L 183kW/245HP SID913/SID914


International 7400i tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 8L ISM 245kW/329HP CM870
  • 3L 6L 246kW/330HP SID913/SID914
  • 3L 6L 246kW/330HP SID913/SID914
  • 3L 6L 261kW/350HP SID913/SID914


International 7500 SBA tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 3L MAXXFORCE 231kW/310HP SID903/SID904
  • 3L MAXXFORCE 241kW/324HP SID903/SID904
  • 3L MAXXFORCE 261kW/350HP SID903/SID904
  • 3L MAXXFORCE 261kW/350HP SID913/SID914


International 7600 SBA tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 3L 250kW/335HP ADEM III
  • 8L ISM 238kW/320HP CM570
  • 8L ISM 287kW/385HP CM875
  • 8L ISM 372kW/500HP CM570


International 8600i tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 8L ISM 287kW/385HP CM875


International 9200i tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 8L ISM 280kW/375HP CM570
  • 15L 372kW/500HP CM870


International 9400i tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 0L CAT C15 324kW/435HP ADEM III
  • 0L ISX15 400 ST 295kW/396HP CM870
  • 0L ISX15 435 ST 324kW/435HP CM870
  • 0L ISX15 450 ST 335kW/449HP CM871
  • 0L ISX15 500 ST 373kW/500HP CM870
  • 0L ISX15 565 ST 421kW/565HP CM870


International 9800i tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 8L ISM 24V 302kW/405HP CM570
  • 8L ISM 24V 302kW/405HP CM876
  • 8L ISM 24V 310kW/416HP CM876
  • 8L ISM 24V 373kW/500HP CM570
  • 0L ISX 24V 350kW/469HP CM876


International 9900i tuning and ECU reprogramming:

  • 0L ISX15 354kW/475HP CM2350A
  • 0L ISX15 372kW/499HP CM2350A
  • 0L ISX15 372kW/500HP CM870
  • 2L C15 324kW/435HP ADEM III
  • 2L C15 354kW/475HP ADEM IV
  • 2L C15 410kW/550HP ADEM IV

If you can’t find your International truck model, just get in touch with us for further information!



  • Best driving experience
  • Improved overall performance
  • Faster overtaking
  • Great fuel efficiency
  • Better torque
  • Instant throttle response



We, from Effective Tuning, offer the best chip tuning and ECU remapping solutions for every model of International truck! Check them:

  • Truck DPF removal (DPF off / DPF delete)
  • Truck EGR delete (EGR off/ EGR removal)
  • Truck DEF delete (DEF off / DEF removal)
  • Truck EGT removal (EGT delete / EGT off)
  • Truck SCR delete (SCR off / SCR removal / Adblue off / Adblue removal)
  • Truck DTC code removal (DTC off / DTC delete / diagnostic trouble code solution)



Effective Tuning has a strong background in offering International truck tuning and ECU remapping services. We provide a wide range of solutions for your truck. All of them are 100% safe and reliable. In addition, all our customers are satisfied and happy!

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