International PROSTAR tuning and ECU remapping from Effective Tuning – great choice for a professional chip tuning partner that can upgrade your PROSTAR truck for better overall performance and beast power.


International PROSTAR Truck – The driver’s truck

International PROSTAR is a driver’s truck, which is designed with a fuel efficiency package, great aerodynamics, and exceptional maneuverability.

The PROSTAR is known for its energy efficiency which helps keep costs low and make the truck more productive and profitable. That is why the International PROSTAR truck is a preferred choice by many owners.


International PROSTAR tuning and ECU remapping

Every PROSTAR truck is managed by an ECU (electronic control unit), that contains a software logic map. This is how your vehicle’s drivetrain behavior is controlled at every moment.

In most cases, the stock settings of PROSTAR trucks are limiting their overall performance. But here comes our chip tuning that changes the game of wheels! We provide the highest possible professional PROSTAR tuning and ECU remapping solution! So, our tuning specialists will upgrade your truck in order so you can get the best of it! Not only that, but PROSTAR ECU remapping is not expensive at all and offers real effectiveness!

No matter where your truck is located at the moment, we can make the tuning process completely online by reprogramming the ECU. This means that we do not have to open the ECU physically. In other words, our service can’t damage your vehicle and it is 100% safe for your PROSTAR truck!

The chip tuning experts of Effective Tuning use only the  Best ECU Tuning Files Online, and the Best OBD and Bench Tuning Tools! On top of that, we offer quick, easy, and completely remote solutions! All our tuning files are checked and customized for the best results!

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Benefits of PROSTAR trucks ECU remapping

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Faster overtaking
  • Better power
  • Stronger off-road performance
  • Excellent torque
  • Instant throttle response
  • Great driving experience


PROSTAR trucks engines and ECU-s that we can remap

Check all International PROSTAR truck models and ECU-s that we, at Effective Tuning, can remap:

  • 113 11.0L 6L 335kW/450HP EDC7C32
  • 113 12.4L 6L 246kW/330HP EDC17CV42
  • 113 12.4L 6L 305kW/409HP EDC17CV42
  • 113 12.4L 6L 320kW/430HP EDC17CV42
  • 113 12.4L 6L 336kW/450HP EDC17CV42
  • 113 12.4L 6L 355kW/476HP EDC17CV42
  • 113 13.0L 6L 350kW/470HP EDC7C32
  • 122 14.9L 6L 336kW/450HP EDC17CV42
  • 122 14.9L ISX15 312kW/418HP CM2350A
  • 122 14.9L ISX15 335kW/450HP CM2350A
  • 122 14.9L ISX15 335kW/450HP CM871
  • 122 14.9L ISX15 362kW/485HP CM871
  • 122 14.9L ISX15 372kW/500HP CM871
  • 122 14.9L ISX15 410kW/550HP CM2250
  • 122 15.2L ISX15 298kW/400HP CM871
  • XXX 14.9L 6L 336kW/450HP EDC17CV82

We have tuning files for all modern International PROSTAR truck models from 2009 to 2021 and also for the newest International PROSTAR 2022! In addition, Effective Tuning is the only tuning company that offers a solution for the new INTERNATIONAL PROSTAR 450 HP EDC17CV82!

If you don’t see your PROSTAR truck model or engine, just get in touch with us for more information!


International PROSTAR trucks tuning services and solutions

The team of Effective Tuning can provide different PROSTAR trucks chip tuning and ECU remapping solutions! Check them:

  • PROSTAR Truck DPF removal (DPF off / DPF delete)
  • PROSTAR Truck EGR delete (EGR off/ EGR removal)
  • PROSTAR Truck DEF delete (DEF off / DEF removal)
  • PROSTAR Truck EGT removal (EGT delete / EGT off)
  • PROSTAR Truck SCR delete (SCR off / SCR removal / Adblue off / Adblue removal)
  • PROSTAR Truck DTC code removal (DTC off / DTC delete / diagnostic trouble code solution)



The team of Effective Tuning has experience in International PROSTAR tuning and ECU remapping. Our tuning specialists have tuned many PROSTAR trucks. Also, our team offers a wide range of add-on options to choose from. If you are looking for the best tuning services for your PROSTAR truck, you are in the right place.

The tuning service and solutions that we deliver are 100% safe and reliable. Another benefit is that our prices are the best in the worldwide market! Learn more about our prices.

Reach out to us and ask about our PROSTAR remapping service! Check also the solutions and benefits of our chip tuning for service shops and become a reseller/ dealer of our ECU remapping files.

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