Fendt EGR off solution is one of the most popular services of Effective Tuning! Most of the Fendt vehicle owners choose our Fendt EGR delete / removal as the best way to improve performance and power and to lower their maintenance and repair costs!


EGR system in Fendt vehicles – what is its purpose?

The EGR system is an important part of every Fendt vehicle and includes an EGR valve. The exhaust gas recirculation system is made to lower the pollution levels from automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural equipment and industrial machines. This is possible via reducing the emissions from exhaust gases of the engine. In other words, the EGR valve recirculates the emissions back into the engine through the air intakes in the EGR system.


Why the Fendt EGR system is so problematic?

Even the EGR system is developed to keep the environment safe, it is one of the most problematic Fendt components. The EGR usually causes serious issues and damages the engine, especially on diesel vehicles…

All this can not only harm your Fendt machine but also leave you without a vehicle to do your job with for an unknown time. That is why you should take care of your Fendt vehicle before it gets too late.

When we talk about the common issues of the Fendt EGR system, we should mention the high amount of water in the diesel fuel. It can cause a lot of problems with some parts of the EGR system – the EGR valve and EGR cooler. There is no need to say that the EGR system gets covered with carbon deposits and soot over time and cylinders can get damaged! That is all because of the exhaust gasses…

But maybe you wonder why are those problems so important to your Fendt vehicle? What can happen? Well, the EGR issues can be a reason for engine overheating, premature engine wear, shorter engine life, bad working throttle… The engine also can block! The problematic Fendt EGR system can be a premise for often costly repairs…


Why do you need Fendt EGR off / delete / removal?

The agricultural and industrial Fendt machines are one of those vehicles with the most expensive repairs and maintenance. To replace the EGR valve with a new one is very costly too and often it is not an option at all!

That is the reason why so many Fendt vehicle owners and operators choose our Fendt EGR off / delete remapping service.


Fendt EGR off / removal via ECU remapping

Effective Tuning has years of experience in the field of Fendt remapping and chip tuning. We offer Fendt EGR off service, so we can disable the exhaust gas recirculation system from your vehicle. The online remap process is possible via simple computer deactivation. No matter where you and your Fendt vehicle are – we can make the EGR off 100% online. This also means that we will not open the electronic control unit physically – all engine changes will be safe!

Our tuning professionals will read the data from your Fendt’s diagnostic port and will turn off the EGR valve. Next, if you want, you will be able to remove the entire EGR system.

In the end, you will be happy with your tuned Fendt! You will not worry about EGR issues, costly repairs and short maintenance periods anymore. Instead, you will enjoy a better overall performance, more power than ever before and lower costs.


The advantages of Fendt EGR off / delete via ECU remapping:

  • Performance increase
  • More power
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Smoother and cleaner engine
  • Longer engine life

The team of Effective Tuning proudly offers one of the best EGR off / delete services worldwide and we guarantee only the best results!


We offer Fendt EGR off for the following models:

Fendt 1100 Vario MT:

1151 Vario MT (376 kW, 511 hp)
1156 Vario MT (415 kW, 564 hp)
1162 Vario MT (455 kW, 618 hp)
1167 Vario MT (495 kW, 673 hp) – a high-end model


Fendt 1100 MT:

1149 MT (336 kW, 457 hp)
1154 MT (365 kW, 496 hp)
1159 MT (403 kW, 548 hp)
1165 MT (440 kW, 598 hp)


Fendt 1000 Vario:

1038 Vario (291 kW, 396 hp)
1042 Vario (320 kW, 435 hp)
1046 Vario (350 kW, 476 hp)
1050 Vario (380 kW, 517 hp)


Fendt 900 Vario MT:

938 Vario MT (279 kW, 380 hp)
940 Vario MT (298 kW, 405 hp)
943 Vario MT (317 kW, 431 hp)


Fendt 900 Vario:

930 Vario (217 kW, 296 hp)
933 Vario (239 kW, 326 hp)
936 Vario (261 kW, 355 hp)
939 Vario (283 kW, 385 hp)
942 Vario (305 kW, 415 hp)


Fendt 800 Vario:

822 Vario (166 kW, 226 hp)
824 Vario (181 kW, 246 hp)
826 Vario (195 kW, 265 hp)
828 Vario (211 kW, 287 hp)


Fendt 700 Vario:

714 Vario (106 kW, 144 hp)
716 Vario (120 kW, 163 hp)
718 Vario (133 kW, 181 hp)
720 Vario (148 kW, 201 hp)
722 Vario (163 kW, 222 hp)
724 Vario (174 kW, 237 hp)


Fendt 500 Vario:

512 Vario (91 kW, 124 hp)
513 Vario (98 kW, 133 hp)
514 Vario (110 kW, 150 hp)
516 Vario (120 kW, 163 hp)


Fendt 300 Vario:

311 Vario (83 kW, 113 hp)
312 Vario (90 kW, 123 hp)
313 Vario (98 kW, 133 hp)
314 Vario (104-112 kW, 142-152 hp)


Fendt 200 Vario:

207 Vario (58 kW, 79 hp)
208 Vario (62 kW, 84 hp)
209 Vario (69 kW, 94 hp)
210 Vario (77 kW, 104 hp)
211 Vario (84 kW, 114 hp)


Fendt IDEAL:

IDEAL 7 (336 kW, 451 hp)
IDEAL 8 (401 kW, 538 hp)
IDEAL 9 (483 kW, 647 hp)
IDEAL 10 (581 kW, 790 hp)


Fendt C-Series:

5275 C (225 kW, 306 hp)
5275 PL (225 kW, 306 hp)
5275C PLI (225 kW, 306 hp)
5275 Rice (225 kW, 306 hp)
6335 C (265 kW, 360 hp)
6335 C PL (265 kW, 360 hp)
6335 C PLI (265 kW, 360 hp)
6335 C Rice (265 kW, 360 hp)


Fendt L-Series:

5255 L (192 kW, 260 hp)
5255 L MCS (192 kW, 260 hp)
5255 L MCS PL (192 kW, 260 hp)
5255 L MCS Rice (192 kW, 260 hp)
6275 L  (225 kW, 306 hp)
6275 L MCS (225 kW, 306 hp)
6275 L MCS PL (225 kW, 306 hp)
6275 L MCS Rice (225 kW, 306 hp)


Fendt E-Series:

5225 E (160kW, 218 hp)
5225 E Rice (160kW, 218 hp)


Fendt E-Series 5185:

5185 E (129 kW, 175 hp)

Fendt Cargo T955
Fendt Katana 650
Fendt Momentum
Fendt Rogator 600
Fendt Rogator 300



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