DAF LF tuning and ECU remapping from Effective Tuning are one of our most popular services. If you are looking for reduced fuel consumption, more power and torque, smoother acceleration, and improved throttle response, you definitely need to check out our DAF LF truck chip tuning and ECU reprogramming services!


DAF LF Truck – The leading distribution truck

The DAF LF is the perfect distribution truck for both operators and drivers. Here, optimized powertrains achieve the highest level of fuel efficiency. What about the driving experience? It is provided by an incredibly comfortable interior and enhanced driver visibility.

The DAF LF truck has an excellent reputation for its industry-leading payload, high load capacity, unmatched maneuverability, and superb durability.

Different drivers have different preferences. But there are two things which everyone is looking for – comfort and driver friendliness. You will find them in DAF LF truck models. In addition, our DAF LF truck tuning and ECU remapping solutions will go a step further to improve the profitability of the trucks even more.


DAF LF Tuning and ECU Remapping

Most modern vehicles have software logic maps based inside their ECU (electronic control unit). These logic maps are also known as tune files. They are largely responsible for the behavior of the DAF LF engine and its fuel consumption.

Usually, DAF LF trucks need some upgrades because the stock settings are not of the highest quality. So, if you wish for the best performance and power, you will need professional DAF LF tuning. It is the most cost-effective solution for getting the optimal performance out of your truck.

The tuning specialists of Effective Tuning offer the best ECU tuning files online for your DAF LF truck! Also, our chip tuning process is made via online reprogramming of the ECU. So, we do not open the ECU physically and there is no risk of damaging your truck!

In addition, we have years of experience tuning DAF engines to improve their performance under load and reduce fuel consumption. Effective Tuning’s team uses only the Best ECU Tuning Files Online, and the Best OBD and Bench Tuning Tools! Not only that, but all our tuning files are dyno-tested and custom-made!

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Benefits of DAF LF Trucks ECU Remapping

  • Great driving experience
  • Faster overtaking
  • Better power
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Excellent torque
  • Instant throttle response
  • Stronger off-road performance


DAF LF Truck models that we can remap:

Check all DAF LF truck models and ECU-s that we, at Effective Tuning, can remap:

  • 45 .130 (135 PK/99 kW) euro 3
  • 45 .140 (140 PK/103 kW) euro 4+5
  • 5L 4L 110kW/148HP CM2350A
  • 5L 4L 118kW/158HP CM2150E
  • 5L ISB 4L 110kW/148HP EDC7C1
  • 45 .170 (170 PK/125 kW) euro 3
  • 45 .180 (180 PK/132 kW) euro 3+4+5
  • 5L PX-5 4L 135kW/181HP CM2150E
  • 5L PX-5 4L 135kW/181HP CM2350A
  • 5L 4L 136kW/185HP CM850
  • 5L PX-5 4L 157kW/210HP CM2350A
  • 45 .220 (220 PK/162 kW) euro 3+4+5
  • 45 .250 (250 PK/184 kW) euro 4+5
  • 45 .280 (285 PK/210 kW) euro 4+5
  • 5L 4L 213kW/286HP CM2150E
  • 55 .140 (140 PK/103 kW) euro 4+5
  • 55 .160 (160 PK/118 kW) euro 4+5
  • 55 .170 (170 PK/125 kW) euro 3
  • 55 .180 (180 PK/132 kW) euro 3+4+5
  • 55 .220 (220 PK/162 kW) euro 3+4+5
  • 55 .250 (250 PK/184 kW) euro 3+4+5
  • 55 .280 (280 PK/206 kW) euro 4+5
  • 9L ISB 4L 119kW/160HP CM850
  • PX5 – Euro 6 – 150 PK
  • PX5 – Euro 6 – 180 PK
  • PX5 – Euro 6 – 210 PK
  • 6L ISB 6L 125kW/168HP EDC7C1
  • 6L ISB 6L 132kW/177HP EDC7C1
  • 7L 6L 165kW/221HP CM2150E
  • 7L 6L 165kW/221HP CM2350A
  • 7L 6L 165kW/221HP CM850
  • 7L 6L 165kW/221HP EDC7C1
  • 7L 6L 184kW/247HP CM2150E
  • 7L 6L 184kW/247HP CM2350A
  • 7L 6L 184kW/247HP CM850
  • 7L 6L 184kW/247HP EDC7C1
  • 7L 6L 210kW/281HP CM850
  • 7L 6L 210kW/282HP CM2150E
  • 7L 6L 210kW/282HP CM2350A
  • 7L 6L 218kW/293HP CM2150E
  • 7L 6L 228kW/306HP CM2350A
  • 7L PX-7 6L 172kW/231HP CM2350A
  • 7L PX-7 6L 239kW/320HP CM2350A

If you can’t find your DAF LF truck model or engine, just get in touch with us for more information!


DAF LF Tuning Services and Solutions

The team of Effective Tuning can provide different DAF LF trucks chip tuning and ECU remapping solutions! Check them:

  • DAF LF Truck DPF removal (DPF off / DPF delete)
  • DAF LF Truck EGR delete (EGR off/ EGR removal)
  • DAF LF Truck DEF delete (DEF off / DEF removal)
  • DAF LF Truck EGT removal (EGT delete / EGT off)
  • DAF LF Truck SCR delete (SCR off / SCR removal / Adblue off / Adblue removal)
  • DAF LF Truck DTC code removal (DTC off / DTC delete / diagnostic trouble code solution)


Choose Effective Tuning!

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Our services and solutions are completely safe and reliable and there is no risk of damaging your truck’s engine. Not only that, but our prices are the best in the worldwide market! Learn more about our prices.

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