Construction equipment tuning and ECU remapping from Effective Tuning – all you need for your construction machine in one place with various online tuning solutions!

Effective Tuning is a tuning company that provides high-quality and reliable construction equipment chip tuning. We work with the best tuning software and tools in order to offer amazing ECU remapping.


What is construction equipment tuning and how do we do it?

Construction equipment tuning is the process of ECU remapping – reprograming the electronic control unit of your construction machine. The reason many construction machines owners and operators choose chip tuning is because thanks to it, the vehicle starts working on its best and it can reveal its full potential and power.

We do our construction equipment tuning in 4 simple and easy steps for your convenience! No special knowledge is necessary to request construction ECU remapping! All you have to do is:

  1. Create a free account on – the registration takes usually up to 1-2 minutes!
  2. Add some credits to your account via 100% safe online payment;
  3. Request a construction equipment tuning;
  4. Upload your original construction machine ECU file and give us some more information about your vehicle brand, model, year, engine capacity, adding also your personal needs and requirements, so we can offer the best chip tuning solution for your machine!

And you are ready! Next things are up to us! Our ECU remapping professionals will reprogram your heavy or small construction equipment electronic control unit file. The tuning process takes around an hour and when your file is ready, you will be able to download it and upload it again to your vehicle.


Do you really need construction equipment tuning?

Well, if you dream for amazing performance and unbelievable power, the answer is definitely “Yes!”. Did you know that usually stock settings are like a barrier for your construction machine? Yes, that is right! They limit its performance and effectiveness. Manufacturers develop construction machines in a way so they are equally suitable for different countries, climates, and conditions. This is the most cost-saving solution for them. Check more about this topic in our article: “TOP 4 Reasons Vehicle Remap Isn’t Made In Factory”.

The problem is that every construction equipment owner has their own needs and requirements so the job is done well. This creates the need for machines to be customized via chip tuning! Effective Tuning’s team can transform your building equipment in a way that you can get the best of it!


What are the advantages of our construction tuning?

100% satisfied customers

We are happy when our clients are happy! So that is why we always strive to offer excellent customer experience, high-quality ECU remapping service, custom-made tuning files, a wide variety of solutions, and 24/7 technical support via live chat! Whatever questions or worries you might have, you can contact us any time and we will be more than happy to help you!


Various construction equipment remapping options and performance chips

We provide various remapping options for construction machines – Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and different add-on solutions like EGR removal, DPF delete, SCR off, DEF off, etc. We will completely upgrade your machine into a powerful beast! Our clients choose us because we work only with the best ECU remapping tools and chip tuning software.


High-quality and custom-made construction tuning files

We, at Effective Tuning, offer custom-made, dyno-tested, and high-quality construction equipment tuning files and performance chips. Thanks to our construction equipment tuning, you will achieve great fuel economy, unbelievable power, better torque, and many other astonishing results.


We provide construction tuning solutions for well-known construction equipment manufacturers:

Caterpillar Off-Highway Trucks Tuning and ECU remapping

Caterpillar Loaders Tuning and ECU remapping

Caterpillar Dozers Tuning and ECU remapping

Caterpillar Wheel Loaders Tuning and ECU remapping

John Deere Heavy Equipment Tuning and ECU remapping

Volvo excavators tuning – crawler, wheeled and compact excavators

Volvo wheel loaders tuning – large and compact loaders

New Holland Compact Wheel Loaders Tuning

New Holland Wheel Loaders Tuning and ECU remapping

Backhoe New Holland Tuning and ECU remapping

New Holland Excavators Tuning and ECU remapping

New Holland Skid Steer Loaders Tuning and ECU remapping

New Holland Compact Track Loader Tuning

Cummins Mining Engines Tuning

John Deere Construction Equipment Tuning and ECU remapping

Volvo construction equipment tuning –  articulated haulers, rigid haulers and asphalt pavers

Cummins Construction Engines Tuning

Perkins Construction Engines For Construction Equipment Manufacturers


Why Effective Tuning?

Effective Tuning is a well-known and trustworthy chip tuning company with strong experience in construction ECU remapping for better fuel economy, better performance, and improved power. We work according to the highest standards, so we can provide the best effectiveness of our construction tuning files!

In addition, we offer a wide range of add-on options to choose from. Not only that but, our prices are the best in the worldwide market! Learn more about our prices.

Contact us now and ask about our construction machine tuning – we guarantee that your engine’s lifetime will not be affected. Check also the solutions and benefits of our chip tuning for service shops and become a reseller/ dealer of our truck ECU remapping files.

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