John Deere DPF delete service – the best solution for your John Deere vehicle! Check also our John Deere EGR delete / removal via ECU remapping.


DPF in John Deere vehicles how does it work?

The DPF (diesel particulate filter), also known as FAP, is part of every John Deere machine. It is a filter that has to capture and store soot particles and other exhaust gases produced during the engine combustion process. Its main aim is to stop them from entering the atmosphere and causing pollution.

Once a temperature of 600°C is reached, the built-up diesel particles get burned off. In order to reach the temperature needed, vehicles have to reach high speed and to stay at those speeds consistently. This is hard to be achieved when it comes to John Deere tractors and industrial equipment.

If the burning point of soot is not reached, then the ECU (engine control unit) starts a regeneration mode. This mode changes the timing of fuel injection so that the exhaust reaches the crucial temperature of 600°C and burns away the collected soot particles.


What problems does John Deere’s DPF system cause and why do you need John Deere DPF delete?

DPF filters can remove up to 85% of the diesel particulates that come from exhaust pipes, but the DPF system still causes serious damages to your John Deere vehicle as it can easily become blocked.

Diesel particulate filters often get clogged and produce a blockage within the exhaust system and sensor failures. Those sensor failures lead to false information in the ECU, reduction of fuel mileage and seriously damaged engine.

There is no need to mention the frequent and expensive repairs and short maintenance intervals when we talk about John Deere machines…

That is why so many industrial companies and John Deere vehicle owners and operators prefer our John Deere DPF delete service, made via ECU remapping.


John Deere DPF delete (DPF off / DPF removal) via ECU remapping

Effective Tuning provides John Deere DPF delete service via ECU remapping. Our service is also called DPF off or DPF removal. In other words, our experienced tuning professionals can remove the DPF function from the ECU software of your John Deere machine.

Our DPF tuning solution is based on reprogramming the Engine Control Module (ECM / ECU) to completely deactivate the DPF. After our John Deere DPF delete (DPF removal / DPF off), you will immediately notice better fuel efficiency and improved engine performance.

This remapping service is done 100% online and it is 100% safe because we do not open the ECU physically. We read out all the needed data from your John Deere engine’ diagnostic port.

In the end, you will not face DPF problems anymore and you will save lots of money from repairs.

Our remapping specialists can work on cars, trucks, tractors and industrial machines, so just get in touch with us.


The advantages of John Deere DPF Delete (DPF off / DPF removal) via ECU remapping

Effective Tuning’s John Deere DPF delete service will improve the overall performance of your vehicle and you will notice smoother acceleration and lower exhaust gas temperatures.

Another advantage of the John Deere DPF delete is the improvement in fuel economy – no extra fuel will be used on regenerations. As we already mentioned, DPF repairs and cleaning are costly, but with our tuning, you will not have to deal with DPF issues anymore.

We offer one of the best DPF delete solutions worldwide and we can tune every diesel engine brand and model, including John Deere’s ones.


We can remap the DPF system of the following John Deere models:

1 Series: 1023E and 1025R Sub-Compact Tractor

2 Series: 2025R, 2032R and 2038R compact tractors

3 Series: 3025D, 3035D and 3043D compact tractors

4 Series: 4052M, 4052M Heavy Duty, 4066M Heavy Duty, 4066M, 4044R, 4052R and 4066R

5075GL, 5090EL, 5100ML, 5115ML, 5125ML (low profile tractors), 5100MH, 5115RH, 6155RH (high crop tractors), 5075GL, 5075GV, 5090GV, 5075GN, 5090GN, 5100GN (narrow series tractors)

6R Series: 6105R, 6110R, 6115R, 6120R, 6125R, 6130R, 6135R, 6140R, 6145R, 6150R, 6155R, 6170R, 6175R, 6190R, 6195R, 6210R, 6215R, 6230R, 6250R

6M Series: 6105M, 6110M, 6115M, 6120M, 6125M, 6130M, 6135M, 6140M, 6145M, 6150M, 6155M, 6170M, 6175M, 6195M

6MC Series: 6090MC, 6095MC, 6100MC, 6105MC, 6110MC, 6115MC

6RC Series: 6090RC, 6095RC, 6100RC, 6105RC, 6110RC, 6115RC

7R Series: 7200R, 7210R, 7215R, 7230R, 7250R, 7260R, 7270R, 7280R, 7290R, 7310R, 7330R, 7350R

8 Series: 8R 230, 8235R, 8245R, 8R 250, 8260R, 8270R, 8R 280, 8285R, 8295R, 8R 310, 8RT 310, 8RX 310, 8320R, 8320RT, 8335R, 8R 340, 8RT 340, 8345R, 8345RT, 8RX 340, 8360R, 8R 370, 8RT 370, 8RX 370, 8400R, 8R 410, 8RT 370, 8RX 410

9R Series: 9360R, 9370R, 9370RT, 9410R, 9420R, 9420RT, 9420RX, 9460R, 9460RT, 9470R, 9470RT, 9470RX, 9510R, 9510RT, 9520R, 9520RT, 9560R, 9560RT, 9570R, 9570RT, 9570RX, 9620R, 9620RX

xx30 Serie: 6130P, 6230P, 6330P, 6430P, 6530P, 6534P, 6630P, 6830P, 6930P

5E series, 5M series, 5R series, 6E series

260E, 310E, 410E-II, 460E-II

470G LC, 670G LC and 870G LC

744L, 824L, 844L wheel loaders and 944K hybrid wheel loader

310L, 310L EP, 310SL, 310SL HL, 315SL, 410L, 710L

317G, 325G, 331G, 333G

450K, 550K, 650K, 700L, 750L, 850L

17G, 26G, 30G, 35G, 50G, 60G

75G, 85G, 130G, 135G, 160G LC, 190G W, 200G, 210G LC, 245G LC, 250G LC, 300G LC, 345G LC, 350G LC, 380G LC

655K and 755K

210L and 210L EP

204L, 244L, 304L, 324L, 344L

444L, 524L, 544L, 624L, 644L, 644L, 724L

620G/GP, 622G/GP, 670G/GP, 672G/GP, 770G/GP, 772G/GP, 870G/GP, 872G/GP

640L-II, 648L-II, 748L-II, 848L-II, 948L-II

803M, 853M, 859M, 903M, 953M, 959M

910G, 1010G, 1110G, 1210G, 1510G, 1910G

1070G, 1170G, 1270G, 1270G 8W, 1470G

803MH, 853MH, 859MH, 953MH, 959MH

2154G, 2156G, 2654G, 2656G, 3154G, 3156G, 3754G, 3756G


John Deere ECUs that we can remap

We can complete our John Deere DPF delete / removal service for all Phoenix ECUs – L33, L12, L11, L21, L4, L9, L16, L14, L15, L22, L1, L23, L3, L6, L4, L18, etc.!


Choose Effective Tuning!

Effective Tuning has years of experience in providing professional John Deere DPF delete service (DPF off / DPF removal) and John Deere tuning and ECU remapping. That is the reason why our  chip tuning files and solutions are the best worldwide! Not only that but you have a wide range of add-on options to choose from. Check our John Deere ECU tuning solutions!

Our ECU remapping is 100% reliable because it is made only online.

Contact us and ask about our John Deere DPF delete service via ECU remapping.

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