Industrial equipment tuning solutions from Effective Tuning – our team provides a wide variety of tuning and ECM remapping services. We strive to give you all the solutions that you might need for your industrial machine, and everything is gathered in one online place.

If you are interested in our industrial equipment tuning, this article is just for you! Here you will find all the tuning solutions that we offer and you will be able to choose the right one for your industrial equipment. Have in mind that Effective Tuning can reprogram every industrial vehicle – just ask us for your brand and model!


Industrial equipment performance tuning

Let’s begin with the industrial equipment performance tuning as one of the most preferred ECM remapping services. It is also known as Stage 1 tuning. Many industrial machine owners and operators choose this solution not only because of its affordable price but the transformative power that it has to upgrade your industrial vehicle in a way you have not even dreamt of. It will give your industrial equipment better performance, more power, improved driving experience, and many other benefits.

Effective Tuning offers a Stage 1 tuning solution for all industrial equipment models and brands.


Industrial equipment eco tuning

Another popular industrial equipment tuning service is eco tuning.  It is also called economy remap. Its purpose is to make your industrial machine consume less fuel and to improve its fuel efficiency via online ECM remapping. As a result, you will be amazed by the fuel-saving which will be increased up to 20%. Other advantages of our industrial equipment eco tuning are better performance and improved torque.


Industrial equipment EGR delete

One of the most problematic components in most industrial machines is the EGR system (exhaust gas recirculation system). Although its purpose is to reduce emissions, very often it is the reason for carbon deposits in the manifolds. Our tuning experts can make an EGR delete via online ECM reprogramming and deactivate the EGR system, so you can forget about potential issues.


Industrial machines SCR off (AdBlue removal / DEF delete)

The selective catalytic reduction component is also a very problematic part of almost every industrial equipment model. It is also known as AdBlue or DEF and comes with an AdBlue catalyst full of unburned AdBlue, issues with the AdBlue pump, faulty NOx sensors, etc. No matter what exactly is the problem, it usually causes really expensive repairs. The team of Effective Tuning can offer industrial equipment SCR off (AdBlue removal / DEF delete) via ECU remapping – just contact us!


Industrial equipment DPF delete

The DPF system (diesel particulate filter) is the other very problematic component. The main reason is its regeneration process. In most cases, industrial machines are not capable to reach the high temperature needed and to maintain it as long as they should in order to finish the regeneration. This leads to clogged diesel particulate filter and serious engine damages. We strongly recommend our industrial equipment DPF delete solution. It is done 100% online via ECM remapping.


We provide industrial tuning solutions for well-known industrial equipment manufacturers:

Perkins Industrial Engines for Industrial Equipment

Perkins Industrial Open Power Unit Chip Tuning

Perkins Industrial Diesel Engines – Professional Chip Tuning

John Deere Heavy Equipment Tuning and ECU remapping

Cummins Mining Engines Tuning

Caterpillar Off-Highway Trucks Tuning and ECU remapping

Caterpillar Loaders Tuning and ECU remapping

Caterpillar Dozers Tuning and ECU remapping

Caterpillar Wheel Loaders Tuning and ECU remapping


Why Effective Tuning?

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In addition, we offer a wide range of add-on options to choose from. Not only that but, our prices are the best in the worldwide market! Learn more about our prices.

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