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Oxygen Sensor Removal / Delete

Oxygen sensors are some of the most important vehicle components, but they are really problematic and can cause serious damages to the vehicle too. That is what makes the oxygen sensor removal / delete ECU remapping service so preferred from customers from all over the world.

In this article, we will explain what are the oxygen sensors and what is their function. After that, we will show you how to check if your oxygen sensors are faulty. In the end, we will talk about the oxygen sensor removal / delete solution via chip tuning and why do you need it to enjoy your vehicle full potential. Let’s start!


What is an oxygen sensor?

The oxygen sensor is also known as O2 sensor or lambda sensor. It is one of the most important components of petrol, diesel and gas vehicle’s emissions system. All vehicles that are manufactured after 1980 include oxygen (O2) sensors. The lambda sensor looks like a spark plug.

The main purpose of the oxygen sensor is to monitor how much unburned oxygen deposits in the exhaust stream of the vehicle as the exhaust gases exit the engine. It checks if the catalytic converters work properly and the engine runs its best. Oxygen sensors are directly connected to the vehicle’s ECU (electronic control unit). That way, if the oxygen levels are too low or too high, the lambda sensors notify the computer and warning check engine light comes up on the dashboard.

The amount and location of oxygen sensors may vary. Modern vehicles are required to have two lambda sensors – upstream and downstream of the catalytic converter. V6 and V8 car and truck engines have dual exhaust, so they have O2 sensors for each exhaust pipe (four sensors).

The upstream oxygen sensor is located on the exhaust pipe, while the downstream sensor is closer to the muffler and catalytic converter. The main idea is the ECU to receive more adequate information and calibrate the engine for better fuel efficiency and performance.


What does oxygen sensor do?

As we said above, the oxygen sensor checks and monitors if the air/fuel mixture that the vehicle’s engine is running is too lean or too rich. The O2 sensor measures the residual oxygen amount of the exhaust gases. It transmits a voltage signal to the engine control unit when it gets hot and reaches 600°F.

For example, if there is not enough fuel in the mixture, the voltage signal is low. If there is too much fuel, the voltage is higher. The air/fuel ratio is something that is constantly changing because it depends on the engine temperature, load, warm-up period, acceleration, etc. The oxygen sensor voltage helps the vehicle’s computer to regulate the amount of fuel and to achieve an optimum mixture.


How to know if the oxygen sensor is faulty?

The surest way to find if your vehicle’s oxygen sensor is not working properly is via diagnostic code reader. But here are some signs and indicators that will help you to notice if there is a problem with your lambda sensor:

  • Gas mileage becomes decreased
  • Engine performance get worse and poor
  • There is rough idling and running that does not improve after repair
  • You can notice black smoke and carbon around the tailpipe
  • Check engine light comes on because of the registered trouble code


Why do you need oxygen sensor removal / delete via ECU reprogramming?

Many of our clients choose Effective Tuning’s oxygen sensor removal / delete service, also called lambda off or lambda sensor delete. The reason is that usually oxygen sensors become caked with sulfur, lead, fuel additives, and oil ash and fail. In addition, they work under extremely high temperature which damage the heater element of the sensor. When oxygen sensors fail, they stop reading the exhaust gasses correctly. This can super-heat the converter far above normal operating conditions and lead to a meltdown of the catalytic converter. But the replacement of an oxygen sensor or converter is extremely expensive.

We, from Effective Tuning, can offer the best oxygen sensor removal / delete (lambda delete / lambda off / o2 removal) service. We will deactivate the oxygen sensors by reprogramming the ECU of your vehicle. After our oxygen sensor removal, you will be able to replace the faulty oxygen sensors and catalytic converter or to remove them physically if you want.

Oxygen sensor removal / delete is an important tuning solution for your vehicle’s engine. After our lambda disable remapping, you will enjoy better fuel efficiency and fuel economy, more engine power and cleaner emissions. In addition, the performance of your vehicle will increase and you will not have to worry anymore about engine fault codes and check engine lights on the dashboard. Also, thanks to our oxygen sensor removal, you will save a lot of money from costly vehicle repairs.


In conclusion

If you want to lengthen the life of your engine and enjoy improved performance and power of your vehicle as well as eliminating the need of expensive and often repairs… Then, Effective Tuning’s oxygen sensor removal / delete service is the best ECU remapping solution for your car! No matter what brand, model or engine is your vehicle – we have a big background in the ECU remapping field and can tune each engine type!

Contact us for more information about oxygen sensor removal and check our best chip tuning services here.

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